Friday, October 13, 2006

Picture: Human Rigths Law Violation

This summer, Israel dropped thousands of cluster bombs, containing millions of little bomblets, on Lebanese towns, villages, and fields, leaving in its wake a legacy of pain, death, and suffering that will haunt the residents of the South for years to come. This action constituted a breach of the Human Rights Law, according to four UN experts sent to Lebanon to investigate the issue and draw up a report for the UN Human Rights Council.

So what exactly are looking at in the picture above?

What you're looking at is a picture of the other Human Rights Law violations found in the investigation. That of Hizballah's use of payloads packed with ballbearings mounted onto rockets headed for Israel's towns, villages, and (mostly) fields. It is the use of weapons such as these that resulted in the deaths of a number of children and elderly (as well as regular adults) in the North of Israel.

Does the Lebanese-to-Israeli civilian death ratio of 1140/43, or the ratio of Israeli-to-Hizballah bombs dropped and rockets fired (something like 20-to-1...yes, Israel fired at least 40,000 artillery rounds, rockets, and bombs on Lebanon) justify the use of these weapons? The answer, I suppose, would depend on who you ask, and when you asked them.



  1. Teapot5:37 PM

    Human Rights Law refers to civilian places. Hizb_Iran by using these civilian houses turned the villages into legit military targets.
    The IDF should start using "wide blast" bombs. They were very effective in Afghanistan and Iraq. And they don't leave unexploded bomblets.
    I'm surprised that the IDF doesn't have those bombs. In the past the IAF was offered big bombs, but Halutz (air force chief at the time) said that "Israel had its own superb weapons"

    In any case I don't think there's a political way to effectively dismantle Hizb_Iran. The only way, it seems to me, if a lot of anti-Hizb_Iran Lebanese joined the Lebanese military. Only a strong show of force can stop Iran's control in Lebanon.

  2. Arabic Coffee Pot9:53 PM

    Teapot my nemesis!!
    As always you completely miss the point...this time of Human Rights Law. Yes it refers to civilian places, but it refers to them when they are in the middle of a war zone!!! As was the case, as is always the case, when Israel fought Hezbollah.

  3. Another picture --> picture

    look at the faces


  4. Teapot10:48 AM

    Coffeecup, I'm not your nemesis. We both agree Hizb_Iran used civilian houses. The law must be put in context, where a non-uniformed terror org was firing at the civilians of a neighboring state. According to international law u are allowed to fire into civilian place when fire comes from there.
    Israel also gave time for people to leave (as many did).

    "Israel fought Hezbollah" - it was Hezbollah who planned this war to take place in villages (bunkers under houses). And it is obvious that Israel followed no plan.

    Hamas fires missiles from Gaza into Sderot for years. Where is the adherence to international laws or human rights on the Arab side? The Arab states broke international law since they attacked UN approved Israel 60 years ago, and they have been breaking all laws of war since.


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