Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Modern Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The Wall

For starters, I am not against the idea of a Security Fence (Wall). I think it’s a decent idea that – if implemented properly – could dramatically alleviate the Israeli state’s security concerns and (sometimes unrealistic) demands of the Palestinian Authority. What is objectionable about it is its path, and the continuous exploitation and manipulation of this path the Israeli Right has pursued in an effort to undermine any compromises reached by their counterparts on the Left, or moderate Palestinian factions.
Originally a conception of the Israeli Left, the Security Fence was initially designed to follow the ‘Green Line’. Its primary designers envisioned an Israel completely withdrawn from the occupied territories in the West Bank, and protected from them with this new wall of security. At the time of its inception (in its workable form) at the end of the 1990’s under a faltering Labor government, the idea of a wall permanently separating Israel from the West Bank – and the illegal settlements therein – was the subject of vigorous opposition from Jewish religious settlers and their rightwing supporters. In essence, Israel’s Security Fence was a peace project.

Unfortunately today, the reality of the Security Fence is far different from what is conceptors had originally dreamt up. Today the fence has become a symbol of the Israeli rightwing’s continuous efforts to scuttle any push towards a final and just peace with the Palestinians. Through committees setup under the Likud-Sharon government to oversee the path of the Wall, the Israeli right has created a situation on the ground where opposition to the Wall’s path has been lumped together with the idea of the Wall itself, a confusion that only serves those who would be all too happy to limit the Palestinians to control of only 42% of the lands they were promised in the West Bank. Effectively, the Wall has become a tool to enhance the security and longevity of the very settlements its creation was meant to isolate and abolish. Its primary purpose has become to control the fields – and water basins on which those fields lie - roads, and lands on which Palestinians have not only lived on for centuries, but on which they had been promised a life in the future.

As my source I have linked to one article. This article, although long, is essential reading I think for all those interested in this issue. I found it completely unbiased and urge anyone who wishes to formulate an intelligent opinion on this issue to read it. I apologize for making all of you read through my own (inadequate but personal) post on the subject before submitting this link:


  1. small comment.
    Israël is behaving against palestine as they were against lebanon.

    i was also not a pro palestine and pro hamas but right now i m feeling pity for those palestinians as i think lebanon knows what they are passing by.

    ps: jade did you get the email i sent you ?

  2. Confidential, thanks for your email, I appreciated it and sent you a reply.

  3. Michel kilo is Finally Free

    Thanks everyone for your support and your help in trying to release him.
    This is a great day for Syria. Congratulations for everyone who is happy for the news.


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