Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Modern Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Intro

The Two-State Solution is dead, but it can be revived.

To me, it seems completely ridiculous to assert that there is any legitimacy in Israel’s claim to wanting a Two-State Solution while it continues to support illegal settlements in the West Bank, illegal territory annexation through the path of their Security Fence, and refusal to acknowledge Jerusalem – or at least East Jerusalem – as a capital for the state the Palestinians so badly desire.

What it would appear Israel really wants is an Israeli state with segregated Palestinian territories – not a Palestinian State. These issues listed above (I’ll get to the Right of Return, and the Suicide Bombers later), are at the heart of the entire conflict in a Middle East conflict that shows no signs of abetting, even while the solution seems to be quite clear.

In this series I will try to highlight the major issues in this conflict and to propose a solution. The solution will not be anything new, revolutionary, or eye-opening. It has been around for years, if not decades. All we need is to have the courage to support it.

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  1. it has to be revived.. without delay..

    we need peace


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