Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Good Day for the South

I couldn't help but react with complete joy at the news that Israel had finally handed over maps containing the location of the mines it had planted in Lebanon throughout its 22-year occupation of the South.
Although the comprehensiveness of the maps has not yet been determined, UNIFIL and the Lebanese Army are presently engaged in a full review of the maps which were handed to the UN force on Monday and later transferred to the Lebanese Army on Tuesday.

As I read through the Naharnet article detailing this recent development, however, my excitement was checked by the fact that the maps handed over did not contain details of Israel's cluster bomb strikes which left approximately 1,000,000 unexploded bomblets scattered throughout the south of the country.

Nevertheless, I think that this fine development, along with Israel’s relatively speedy withdrawal (last time they invaded it took them 22 years to leave) from the land it reoccupied as a result of Hizballah’s actions, stand as a testament to the Lebanese government’s efforts in securing a just and comprehensive resolution to the crisis thrust upon it by Iran’s lackeys.


  1. A nice way of ridding oneself of all the guilt of standing idly by and even doing under-the-table deals with Israelis, or shedding crocodile tears - Iran's "lackeys" did it! Ah yes. You needn't have accused me of summing up your political outlook. You do that yourself.


  2. Ah yes, I refer to Hizballah as Iran's lackeys, therefore, by extension of course, I am an American-Israeli collaborator who does not care about Lebanon but only cares about filling my own pockets with Saudi oil money the transfer of which has been made possible only through the lubricating effects of Seniora and Hariri's....spittle.

    You nailed it right on the head!

    No really, try again.

  3. moreover, the mines moved ...

    since 1978 they could have been moved by rain, landslide etc...

    so these cards are no more accurate

  4. What exactly is your point?

    Where did I accuse you of being what you mentioned?

    I was merely pointing out that you are repeating the standard/classical rhetoric of these days...

    Oh so H.A = Iran's lackeys, then what are Hariri, Siniora, & co., if not Saudi Arabia's lackeys, what is Geagea if not Israel's lackey? What is Junblatt if not.. never mind Junblatt. He is still undecided. Yes no yes no yes no USA Syria USA Syria USA Sunni regime in Syria ... And what are all those combined if not USA's lackeys?

    Are you saying being USA's/Israel's/KSA's lackey is far better than being Syria's/Iran's lackey? Please enlighten!

  5. You know what the ideal solution would be? Not to be anybody's lackey!

    Thats what I'm saying.

    And I'm saying the way to proceed on our way to acheiving that goal, is to come to some sort of arrangement where the Lebanese government and army have an exclusive monopoly on the use of force and the carrying of arms in Lebanon.

    Now is that such a crazy idea?

  6. During the conflict there were some manifestations in iran against their support toward the Hz, especially in those region that were destroyed by the iraqi war (so next to the iraqi border) and the earthquake (bham region)
    Moreover, Nasrallah's speeches were censored in this country.

    So maybe it is time now to lebanese the Hz ... the situation has changed

  7. Anonymous8:59 PM

    what that has to do with anything? And what parts of iran are u talking about???

    Weird comment!


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