Saturday, October 28, 2006

Extremely Urgent!

Follow up on the coup plot that was cooked in August. It is now confirmed that hizb_iran will use armed men to occupy the capital Beirut, while thousands of protestors will occupy the downtown area around the Grand Serail where the PM resides. Also, the roads leading into Beirut will be cut along with the airport route, rendering the airport useless. The aim is cut of Beirut from the rest of Lebanon and occupy it with protestors on one hand and with armed militia men on the other. In the other areas, government buildings and police stations will be encircled and major roads will be cut, grinding the whole Lebanese state functions to a dead stop. This is a serious plan and not be taken lightly. It's a final warning to anyone wishing to avoid an imminent civil war.


  1. I guess you also believe that UFO's will land on Martyr's Square

  2. Nicolien2:31 PM

    And where, oh where, did you get this piece of information 'confirmed'?
    And if it would be true, what would be the use of cutting of Beirut from the rest of Lebanon?

  3. as you have seen, when you read my comments since last august, I annouced the coup plan back then, now everyone in the media is talking about it. This shows how credible and accurate the information is. God help Lebanon and spare us a civil war!

  4. Hammoudi1:46 AM

    Are you kidding me? Nothing of what you have written about since August has come really. Get over yourself.

  5. Nicolien11:38 AM

    Dude, EVERYONE has been talking about this since August. Nothing is easier in Lebanon than talking about 'an imminent' civil war. Oh and the Lebanese media? Yeah, way to go. Have you ever heard of self-fulfilling prophesies? If enough people start talking about it, and then enough people start believing it will happen, it is done in no time. So please use your energy for something useful instead of giving out 'warnings'. Thanks.

  6. looool.... come now, surely you must be kidding? Did you get your confirmation from Yediot Achronot? They are talking about how Nasrallah wants to be the PM and will become Lebanon's PM 5-6 years down the road. What a joke!!!!

  7. You're a joke anarchit, the Israeli article came out now, The story that uncovered the coup plot was in late aug early sept, review the previous posts.

  8. this is an old rumor, dated from last february and spread by some western diplomats (US mainly).
    They claimed that a plan was existing, however that plan is not applicable as the hezbollah doesnt have heavy weapons and many weapons are still in hand in east and west beirut of their opponment.
    this plan is not realizable.

    as we say in french, à force de crier au loup ...

  9. Confidential, I have CONFIRMED information from friends living in Beirut's southern suburbs than the troops of nasrallah are waiting for zero hour. It says literary "they are waiting for bayan raqm wahad" i.e. declration no 1 to start the assault.
    As we all know, the inhabitants of the capital are unarmed and have no militias. The future of the nation is now in the hands of the Lebanese army that needs to take actions to seal off the capital and avoid the catastrophe.

  10. Did anyone of the wise guys commenting here expect that hassan nasrallah's militia will take Lebanon unilaterally to war???
    The week before July 12, the foreign minister of Tehran visited bashar assad. Yesterday, he made another surprise visit. Now, we must wait for a surprise for sure.

  11. dear debate,

    many inhabitants of beirut, christians and muslim still have AK47 or M16 hidden, even if they are not stating it loudly.

    I remember last 5 of february many people of ashrafieh or gemmayzeh telling me that they just took their weapons in hand ... in case the others were attacking their houses.
    Hezbollah is a guerilla not an army, they are good in defense, but not in attack or on lands they are not controling.
    This is the main reason why this plan is not applicable and even if this plan is existing, it wont be applied.

    So we better decrease the tension, stop using words of accusation and sedition between lebanese and be realistic to avoid the threat of civil strife or even worst.

    Also dont always listen the crowd, i am having high ranked sources abroad which are i guess better informed ;)

    the bigger threat on lebanon is the next round scheduled for january with according to my source "the use of unseen kind of weapons till now at a larger scale" since yesterday, i m wondering what my source was implying

  12. I have CONFIRMED information from friends living in Beirut's southern suburbs than the troops of nasrallah are waiting for zero hour.
    zzzZzz!! And I have information from INSIDER HezbAllah sources that there is no such thing. What preposterous claims!!! This blog has become so venomous it is not even funny. Which is a shame, because it had so much potential for informed analysis...

    As for the "taking Lebanon unilaterally to war", HezbAllah did not declare war, Israel declared war. HezbAllah acted on the unrealized (and fake) promises of the parliamentary majority (the illusionary majority that is). When the government fails to do something, the people take matters into their own hands. So, why whine about the so-called state within a state, when there is NO state? Where are the services that the government is SUPPOSED to offer to the southerners and Bekaa-ists? Let us not kid ourselves our anyone else, you will now tell me that the government is not providing them because HezbAllah is? Read your history, please! Because you are sounding more and more ignorant by the minute.

  13. Anton3:52 PM

    Welcome to the Joumhouriyya Al Islamiyya al Lubnaniyya, headed by President Hassoun and with PM Aoun...
    WOW what a nightmare......

  14. Anarchist, this blog brings together a wide range of diverse opinions. We don't all always agree with each other and many a times have contributors engaged in heated debates with each other over subjects such as this.

    What we are not is a propaganda machine churning out a one-sided monologue on the events in Lebanon. As such, we are always respectful of each other's opinions, although we reserve the right to disagree with them.

  15. hate to sound like an idiot but if this is true what are the international forces doing about this?

    i just sounded like an idiot right?

  16. Debate for Prez.7:39 PM

    So debate, if you were president you would order the army to seal off Beirut and wait for a Hizballah attack. Or even pre-emptively attack them.
    Very interesting.

  17. Actually Lirun I think thats a very good question. The leaders of the parties that make up the majority in the government (Hizballah and Amal also are part of the government even though they're calling for its that is stupid) are all away now at the various western capitals shoring up support and consulting with respect to attempts to topple the gov't - whether they be through street demonstrations or the slightly far fetched scenarios highlighted by debate. Last week we also witnessed a flurry of diplomatic visits and statements by the EU and the US in an effort to shore up support for Seniora's gov't.

    All this still begs the question...what would those UN forces do in case things hit the fan...

    ...I hope we won't have to find out!

  18. Haifa for Prez.12:33 AM

    I have a question, if Hizballah is already in the gov't, why do they want to topple it?

  19. They want to topple it so they can form a new one, but this time totaly pro-syrian like the one formed by Karami from Sep 2004 till Feb 2005.

  20. Haifa for Prez.9:47 PM

    If thats what they wanted then why did they join it in the first place?

  21. they joined in to spy to be insiders working for the sake of bashar assad and iran from behind him.

  22. It seems the pro-syrian parties are going full bore executing their coup plot after their theatrical move on Saturday.

  23. Anonymous1:23 AM

    It seems Jumblatt is either himself debate, or that he reads this blog!


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