Friday, October 13, 2006

Exclusive: Diplomatic Rotations (English)

Well the government has finally passed the long-awaited plan for diplomatic rotations for Lebanese ambassadors. This list details which ambassadors went where, from where and what sect they belong to. The missions to the five members of the Security Council, plus the U.N., are divided among the 5 largest sects, while other missions like Tehran, Riyadh, the Vatican and Athens are almost always given to Shiites, Sunnis, Maronites and Greek Orthodox respectively. Enjoy.

Foreign Ministry Diplomatic Shuffle

Hicham Dimachkieh from Berlin to Secretary General of Foreign Ministry (Su)

From Beirut:
Butrous Asaker to Paris (M)
Antoine Chedid to Washington (GO)
Nasrat al-Asaad to Stockholm (Sh)
Elias Ghosn to Ankara (GO)
Mustafa Mustafa to Rabat (Su)
Zeidan al-Sagheer to La Hague (Su)
Izhiah Khoury to Vienna (M)
Najla Ryasheh to Geneva (UN) (CM)
Charbel Aoun to Amman (M)
Bassam Naamaneh to Kuwait (Su)
Jean Daniel to Canberra (GO)
Aziz al-Qazzeh to al-Manama (M)
Ahmad Chammat to Khartoum (Su)
Iman Younis to Abuja (Sh)

From outside the diplomatic corps, Beirut:
Nawwaf Salam to the U.N. (New York) (Su)
Bassam Torba to Algiers (Su)
Marrwan Zein to al-Riyadh (Su)
Khaled Ziadeh to Cairo (Su)
Ramiz Dimachkieh to Berlin (Su)
Vaskeen Kafleekian to Almaty (Arm)
Khodr Mouneef Habib to Conakry (Ala)

Between foreign postings:
Sylvie Fadlallah from Paris to UNESCO (Paris) (M)
Gebran Soufan from Geneva to Athens (GO)
Inaam Osayran from Bern to London (Sh)
Charbel Estfan from Khartoum to Budapest (M)
Massoud Maalouf from Warsaw to Ottawa (C)
Farid Abboud from Washington to Tunis (GO)
Adnan Mansour from Tehran to Brussels (Sh)
Hussein Remmal from Seoul to Bern (Sh)
Fowzi Fawwaz from Brussels to Abu Dhabi (Sh)
Noel Fattal Algiers to Jakarta (CM)
Jad al-Hassan from Accra to Prague (Su)
Chukri Abboud from Tunis to Madrid (M)
Hikmat Awwad from Sana’a to Warsaw (M)
Hassan Moselmana from Jakarta to Bogota (Sh)
Hassan Abi Akar from (consul) Rome to Sana’a (D)
Issam Moustafa from Abidjan to Seoul (Sh)
Khaled Salman from Abuja to New Delhi (D)
Zein al-Mousaweh from (consul) Berlin to Tehran (Sh)
Michel Katra from charge d’affaire to ambassador, Pretoria (C)
Charbel Wehbe from (consul general) Los Angeles to Caracas (M)
Micheline Baz from (consul) Brussels to Libreville (M)
Jean Maakroun from (consul general) Melbourne to Havana (C)
Ali Ajameh from (consul general) Detroit to Abidjan (Sh)
Mohammad Harakeh from (consul general) New York to Tokyo (Sh)

Returning to Beirut from foreign postings:
Samir Mubarak from Madrid (M)
Raymond Baaklini from Ottawa (M)
Hussein el-Mousaweh from Budapest (Sh)
Michel Bitar from Canberra (GO)
William Habib from Athens (GO)
Mounir Talhouq from Stockholm (D)
George Siam from Ankara (CM)
Hassan Berro from Abu Dhabi (Sh)
Mohamad Hajjar from al-Manama (Sh)
Ahmad Abdullah from Rabat (Su)
Mustafa Hamdan from La Hague (Su)
Gharameh Ayoub from Libreville (M)
N’oula Khawejah from Caracas (C)

Su: Sunni
GO: Greek Orthodox
Sh: Shiite
C: Catholic
M: Maronite
CM: Christian Minorities
D: Druze
Arm: Armenian
Ala: Alawite


  1. Hope you will have One in damascus soon, and two in Jerusalem.

  2. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Why did they go to all the trouble to appoint an Alawite guy from outside the diplomatic corps? Is there a place specifically for them or is it one in general for minorities like they do in the Cabinet?

  3. Well the Alawites are guaranteed a representative in parliament, and considering the way Lebanon is organized it would seem natural to have them head a diplomatic mission. The Alawite position doesn't fit in with other minorities since the number of diplomatic posts are first divided between christians and muslims, before being sub-divided into sects. This would effectively seperate christian and non-christian minorities.


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