Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Case Against the Alawite Regime

I thought I should remind the reader.
Yesterday the deputy of Hassan Nasrallah of Hizb_Iran, Sheikh Naiim Qasim gave a threatening speech, where he accused the PM of Lebanon Mr Fouad Saniora of being the Qarazai of Lebanon i.e American puppet. In that speech he also declared with pride and determination that his militia belongs to the Iran-Syria axis. However, he forgot to remind the Lebanese populace of the following facts.
As a matter of fact, hizb_iran and its masters came to represent the perfect case of hypocrisy. They accuse fellow Lebanese of treason while they defend a traitor like Assad and his father who is well known to have served well his American and Israeli masters from 1974 until his death. While his son continued his policy with the Israelis till now and with Americans till 2004 when their relationship soured.
I would like remind Qasim and his masters that I never heard them criticize Assad when he opened his jails for terror suspects handed by the CIA to be tortured in Syrian jails, or when he recently called for instant peace talks with Israel. Also, one never hear them talking about the American occupation of Iraq, or the puppet pro-American Shiaa regime in Iraq. It seems for them Uncle Sam is a foe in Lebanon and friend in Iraq.
Now going back to the subject of my post, here it is:

The Alawite Regime in Syria is more commonly but wrongly known under the name of the Baath regime. This terminology is wrong since the idea of the Arab Baath died with its founder Michel Aflaq a long time ago. All what is left is a gang of criminals and sectarian haters.

Here are the six main points against this despicable regime.

This regime is guilty of high treason because:

1-it sold the Golan to Israel in exchange for Lebanon

2-it allied itself with the Persians in the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88) against the Arabs

3-it declared war on the Palestinian cause and on the Palestinian people, and it committed war crimes and massacres against them in Lebanon

4-it brutally occupied Lebanon for 30 years and committed mass murder and massacres against the Lebanese population

5-it left Syria in a state of under-development and mass poverty

6-and above all, it ruled the Syrian people with the armored fist for more than 35 years by filling the concentration camps of Tadmour and Mazzeh. All while committing acts of mass murder, annihilation (Hama 1982), atrocity, rape, torture, and mass deportation against anyone who dared to speak up against their absolute rule.


  1. I think we can fairly call it a Baath regime too...

    What are the teachings of Aflaq anyway? didnt he nurture the Saddam Hussein regime, and bless it...

    I'm not saying that Baathism is like that, although I'm not sure if "Baathism" qualifies to be named an ideology...

    regardless, The regime now is an enemy of every syrian, Alawites, Sunni, Kurds, Ismailies, everyone has suffered the wrath of it, an the economic situation...

  2. Yes the Syrian people have suffered in all its segements, but it remains the case that this regime is an exclusive club to one clan from one sect. You see in all the high ranking positions in the Amry, the police, the moukhabarat, until the presidency. WHAT the hell is this form of sectarian dictatorship called?

  3. Anonymous7:11 AM

    What about Mubarak and his SUNNI dictatorial regime? And Saddam and his former SUNNI dictatorial regime?

  4. Mustard Boy8:21 AM

    anonymous is right. it seem u r the only one that is sectarian here. Why don't u talk about Israel and them killing 1200 people in one month instead of Syria?

  5. To both ignorants, Egypt has a sunni leader but the population is sunni in majority, while in Syira the majority is sunni but it is ruled by a minority inside the minority. On the another note, no current regime in the Arab world compares to the Alawite Regime now, this regime is beyond evil and has served the Israeli cause better than no one else. The proofs I put fwd are clear enough for the reader.

  6. Mustard gaz why didn't Iran and Syria go to war against Israel to save the 1200 civilians? I will tell you why bc people like have no worth for them since they are blood trader. The only thing they care about is to sit on the table with Uncle Sam and imporve their negotiating conditions with him.

  7. Anonymous2:47 PM

    "Egypt has a sunni leader but the population is sunni in majority, while in Syira the majority is sunni but it is ruled by a minority"

    OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Now I get it!!!! Its OK if you have a dictatorship that tortures its populace as long as they're from the same sect!!! Oh yes!!! I was so ignorant!!!

    Your stupid arguments are empty and sectarian. It makes me sick! I'm done with this post! I'll keep my eye open for posts by other writers on this blog but I won't read ur stuff anymore...its a waste of time!

  8. I never said a dictator is acceptable I was drawing your attention to your deep ignorance when it comes to making analogies, but my main pt when it comes to Lebanon my concern is with the Regime is destroying our nation with the implicit support of Israel, this regime is in Syria. When it comes to other Arab regime each has it's own case, while at the current momment none compares to the Alawite regime in terms of the crimes against humanity and the concentration camps. Before Saddam's regime fall we could compare those 2, now the Alawite regime stands unique.

  9. When it comes to other Arab regime each has it's own case, while at the current momment none compares to the Alawite regime in terms of the crimes against humanity and the concentration camps


    You missed Sudan. Or maybe it's not considered an arab regime?

  10. hayhat3:12 AM

    debate thinks that he can critic people about their analogies since he is getting his futile knowledge from its stupid screen TV , debate don't tell stories about alawites please , because alawites are not bodyguards of bashar al assad , you can found many alawites who live in syria and are against the policy of assad but it seems because you and your ancesters were servants for your leaders the ottomans who brought you to our land you may picture and make such projections to alawite people. what about your saoudian master , do you think that he is the prototype of democracy ? and your turkish ancesters who made many crimes ? i will give some advice:
    1- don't watch TV because it will render you more stupid
    2- alawite people are like any other comitte in this arab nation with differents political interesst
    3- if you are dreaming with your saoudian master to massacre alawites , don't try because ottoman and their barbary tried but they failed when the alawite were so weak !
    4- don't talk democracy when you support regims of saoudia and egypt


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