Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Video: Nasrallah's Complicity in the Death of Hundreds

All throughout the 'July War' the Lebanese have stood together and condemned the Israeli attacks on civilian targets in Lebanon, but we will not allow Nasrallah to erase our collective memories! Especially not with the blood of those killed by this unwanted war of his fabrication!

Israel's guilt before the world is clear to see, but so is Nasrallah's!


  1. Jezzine Boy3:02 PM

    Yes, there is also many accounts of Hizballah going to Christian villages trying to shoot rockets but the people there stopped them.

  2. Yeah, I heard stories like that too. But that just goes to show how little control Shiites living in Hizballah dominated areas have over their lives.

    Hizballah penetrates every aspect of their lives and dominates it, denying them the basic human freedoms which the state has granted them and which other Lebanese freely use (e.g. freedom of speech, freedom of choice!)

    The Israelis are longer in the South, Hizballah is a liability, not an asset!

  3. Teapot3:36 PM

    "Israel's guilt before the world is clear to see"

    Every time u criticize Nasrallah, u mention Israel being also "guilty". That is pathetic. The video clearly shows Nasrallah made villages a legit military targets for Israel.

  4. Right, that is what the video shows. But the link the word 'guilt' leads to also shows Israel's use of illegal weapons un-neccessarily harmful to the civilian population, e.g. cluster bombs, phospherous bombs, uranium tipped bombs.

    We in Lebanon are capable of criticizing ourselves, you should do the same.

  5. Anonymous4:37 PM

    You use Israeli video to push an Israeli-American agenda!

    The Resistance makes us strong, its people who want it destroyed who make Lebanon weak!

  6. Earlier I said: " should do the same."

    I just wanted to point out that I was referring specifically to our loyal reader Teapot, and not Israelis in general.

    If anyone insists on taking that statement in a general way then they can apply to extremists and hardliners in Israel.

  7. Anonymous,

    That is a ridiculous statement. Back it up with some facts, some logic, some arguments, anything!

    How does the Resistance make us strong? By fighting the Israelis when they enter Lebanon? They wouldn't have entered had Hizballah not conducted their abduction operation on July 12th. By that logic, the Resistance makes Lebanon weak by taking the power to decide on national matters (like security, defense, and foreign policy) out of national institutions, like parliament and the cabinet, and putting it in their hands.

    If Hizballah really wanted to help Lebanon then they should adhere to a national policy as set by the Lebanese cabinet - and not a Syrian or Iranian autocracy. If they really want to make Lebanon stronger then they should find ways of making the Lebanese Army stronger and not make a mockery of them before the world.

    That is how you build a nation.

  8. This video shows Hizballah fighters using private homes as launching pad for attacks.
    Those homes were abandoned by the villagers who fled the fighting.
    This house most probably is now destroyed due to Israeli bombardment. Thus, this specific video shows that Hizballah is at fault for the destruction of the house and not the killing of hundreds as the title of the post states.

    Furthermore, the Israeli army also used abandoned homes for shelter etc.
    Thus, this video really is Israeli propaganda. One cannot show the faults of others but ignore their own wrong doings.

    On the other hand, Hizballah is paying reparations for those people who lost their homes.
    Israel, should do the same as they used the same tactics.

    Furthermore, I would like to see video of Israel targeting the convoys fleeing north.

  9. Hi Wissam, I just want to comment on your last observations: Hizb Allah is responsible for the death of hundreds since it was they who instigated this war. I agree with you that this video does not show these deaths, and I also agree that Israel’s indiscriminate bombing strategy is equally to blame. There is an ongoing debate as to whether the Israelis would have done so regardless of the kidnappings; since it is proven that they had planned this incursion into Lebanon prior ro them.


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