Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Video: LBCI Movie Featuring Ron Arad (Trailer)

Israeli online news service provider, Ynetnews.com has put up a video of the promotional trailer to the highly anticipated LBCI programme "Great Swap".
The programme, due to air this week, features never-before-seen footage of missing Israeli airman Ron Arad, who's plane crashed over Lebanese territory in 1986 while on a bombing run.

Sources close to the television station claim the images on the programme date from 1988, two years after Arad was captured by pro-Syrian Shiite militants from the Amal movement. The video also features Arad talking in Hebrew for over a minute.
"He's speaking Hebrew, and I think this is authentic material," said Israeli television producer Naftali Glicksberg, who participated in the LBCI production. "This doesn't just look like him, this is a sound track of an [Israeli] speaking - this sounds like Ron Arad. I believe this is indeed him", said Glicksberg on Israeli Army radio.
Meanwhile, members of Arad's family have expressed their belief that the footage is indeed genuine.
Much mystery surrounds the case of the missing airman with several diverging accounts of his aircraft's downing, his capture, his health, and his whereabouts circulating throughout regional media outlets.

Israeli daily, Ha'aretz gives the following recount of events:

"Ron Arad was captured in October of 1986 by the Amal organization, headed by Nabih Beri, today chairman of the Lebanese parliament. His Phantom jet was on an offensive mission against a terrorist tent-encampment in south Lebanon. During the attack, a bomb Arad released from the jet exploded and hit the jet following technical fault.

Arad and pilot Lieutenant Colonel Ishay parachuted and reached the ground safely. The navigator was apparently injured during the descent and the wind carried his parachute towards Amal troops.

The pilot was extracted by a Cobra helicopter sent in search of the two. Israel negotiated for a year and a half with representatives of Nabih Beri through Ori Lobrani, the operations coordinator for the Israeli government in Lebanon. Lobrani even met with Beri at the time in a secret London meeting.During the negotiations, Israel received a picture of Arad, as well as letters and regards through Red Cross representatives.

Beri had demanded the release of terrorists from Israel in exchange for returning the navigator, but Yizhak Rabin, the defense minister at the time, backed by Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, believed the price to be too high and that a better deal could be made."

Following the breakdown in talks, Mustafa Dirani, a member of the Amal security service, was widely believed to have transferred Arad to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard - or to parties close to the guard - which held the airman in the Bekaa Valley. Dirani is belived to have given Arad up in exchange for money. Dirani, who was kidnapped by Israeli commandos in 1994, was later released to Lebanese authorities on January 25, 2004, in a waidespanning German-mediated prisoner swap. Dirani, 22 other Lebanese prisoners and approximately 400 Palestinian prisoners were exchanged for the bodies fo three Israeli soldiers (killed in a commando raid on Lebanese territory) and a retired Israeli colonel abducted by the Shiite resistance group, Hizballah.


  1. Anonymous8:13 AM

    (killed in a commando raid on Lebanese territory)
    Actually they were killed behined the blue line, but on Shabba farms.
    So you can say that they where killed on Syrian territory, ocupied by Israel.

  2. Thats a valid comment, debatable...but valid.

  3. Blacksmith,
    you asked for a links exchange between our blogs, but I don't see a links section on yours.

  4. Jean, the links sections is called Lebanese Blogsphere for now, the link to your site is there. When I get the time I'm going to make a Middle East Bloggers section and move ur link and others there.


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