Sunday, September 03, 2006

Urgent, Urgent, A coup plot is being cooked

Urgent Call please spread the news

Arab officials have acquired confirmed intelligence on a possible Coup d’Etat attempt that will take place by the end of the month of Ramadan in October. The Syrian regime will try hard to push Hizbullah and general Aoun to cause chaos and violence on the streets of Beirut to try to force the government to resign so that Lebanon is plunged into anarchy* and that the Syrian leaders escape the bitter taste of prosecution pertaining to the international tribunal into who plotted, conspired and executed the assassination of ex-PM Hariri.

The coup campaign started this week, and will continue to reach it’s (wished for) pinnacle in October. I believe people should be aware and the news must be spread in order to debunk it from its get-go…

*There are ominous signs of openly armed manifestations in various areas under hizb-Iran control in the suburbs of Beirut and in the Beqaa valley.


Arabic Sources:
Future TV editorial (sept 2, 2006)


  1. Anonymous10:11 AM

    You have got to be kidding me. Save your propoganda for your idiot readers, but the smart ones see through it. Aoun--Syria's #1 arch enemy--taking orders from Syria? You're kidding me right? Do you actually buy into this "Aoun is pro-Syrian" BS? You may, but we don't. I hope to God there is mass unrest and mass demonstrations which result in a COUP D'ETAT. Because that is what the LEBANESE want.

  2. Teapot10:27 AM

    In one of my past comments, when this blog became an anti-Israel blog ("know thy enemy") i told u guys u need to "focus people focus"

    here is someone who recently acquired a brain, Hamas spokesman, Ghazi Hamad, (AKA the guy u see after a terrorist attack in Israel on CNN explaining why its OK for Arabs to kill Jews).
    Here are the links:

  3. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Teapot, most Isrealis don't even agree with you so please keep your subjective judgements to yourself, they're worthless.

    I am an Israeli who has been visiting this blog for 3 weeks now. Although I found the 'Know Thy Enemy' post retarded, theres no way I would describe the blog as anti-Israeli. You have to try and understand other people's state of mind if you want to talk to them, you can't just enforce your views on everyone.

    That being said, I'd like to say to the contributors on this blog to turn away from the dark side and the temptation to paint Israelis as the devil incarnate. Like Blacksmith said in one of his comments, the true enemy is extremism, moderates from all over the world need to unite.

  4. Teapot5:32 PM

    All i said was "focus", that is not worthless or subjective. I have a very clear view. I'm not enforcing my views, I am sharing them as the editors of this blog asked on other blogs.

    "most Isrealis don't even agree" - Most Israelis like MOST people are stupid and driven by knee jerk reactions. The recent example of this is the call for Olmert to resign. Who will replace him? Some of the other idiots (Barak) we've seen in the past?

    And in your conclusion u agree with me, so why attack? U dont like my "style"?

  5. "Aoun--Syria's #1 arch enemy"

    Really? Bashar el Assad said himself that Aoun become a friend one month ago. If Anything, Aoun is Syria's #2 lackey.

    Damn orangists. All traitors.

  6. Mr. anonymous I would like to thank you for your confirmation of the sinister intentions behind the plot to our “idiot readers”…

  7. 'I hope to God there is mass unrest and mass demonstrations which result in a COUP D'ETAT. Because that is what the LEBANESE want.'

    You must be joking!

    Aoun lost a political game. The fact that the new government is not to his liking does not mean that the government should go. He needs to wait for the next elections, tough luck, that is the way things go. Check out your alliances before you go into the game, once you're out, you're out, wait for the next round.

    As to him asking for a new government NOW, at this stage, yes I do question his motives and I do not trust him anymore. To think that I was once one of his supporters ...

    And look around anon, so many ditched him and his new questionable principles. He is so unreliable.


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