Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Nayla Mouawad


  1. Hi Guys,

    I got the above pic in an email from a friend (Carine) and it had the following text attached:

    "This pic was taken of Nayla Mouawad, Sunday 24th September 2006 when she was going to attend the church mass in Harissa for Ouwweet. Because of the crazy traffic on the way to Harissa, she couldn' get through with her car so she hopped on a Harley."

    Hope y'all liked the pic!

  2. Nice pictue, the title of the post should be Nayla instead of Nawla!!!

    Also thanks for putting my blog link in your links, appreciate it.

    Here is something for you to read and your comments are very needed!
    Divine Victory

  3. Arabic Coffee Pot3:04 PM

    good to see that the comments on this picture were kept clean. I saw this same picture on other sites and the administrators there saw it fit to allow vulgar comments to be posted...

    ...the quality of the comments attest to the quality of the posts and the blog as a whole


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