Friday, September 29, 2006

Lebanon's Central Banker: Best in the World

Riad Salameh, Lebanon's Central Bank Governor has been awarded the prestigious Euromoney Central Banker of the Year award. In presenting the award, Euromoney magazine had the following to say about why they thought Lebanon and its central bank governor deserved to win:

'There has been no meltdown in Lebanon's financial markets, or a run on the banks or major sell-off in the currency. That is largely attributable to the foundations laid by the battle-hardened central bank. The bank has, for example, built up its foreign reserves to $13 billion, acting as a safety net in ensuring the Lebanese pound remains stable. The banking system is solvent and liquid, and has worked closely with the central bank to minimise disruption. At no point was there a risk that Lebanon may default on its debt.'

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  1. I wonder if he supports the resistance ....

  2. Anonymous12:55 PM

    I am a photographer specialised in documentation.
    During the summer war i have taken picturs in a Israeli refugee camp.

    I am looking fora a Lebabobnese photograhper that did a simularity in Lebanon or with the families that lived durino the war in Cyprus.

    Please contact me for any information or link regarding this.

    Many thatks,

    Maya Kapelushnik

  3. Arabic Coffee Pot3:02 PM

    His job isn't to take political sides, its to make sure the Lebanese Pound stays stable no matter the political developments


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