Friday, September 15, 2006

Debunking the Coup Plot: Part II: A Question of Semantics

I would like to draw the attention of our readers to the following issue.
It is preferable from now on to use the term hizb_Iran i.e. the party of Iran when you talk about the so-called hizb_Allah i.e. the party of God.

Two main reason:

First, for a believer in God it is an obvious sacrilege to coin this term when talking about a political party, especially a low-life party like this one, plus it's of the outmost hypocrisy to claim that they have the exclusive right to this naming, which appears in the Quran where it refers to the nation of believers as a whole as opposed to those who don't believe in God.

Second, for a non-believer in God, such a wording is nonsensical, as it conveys a ridiculous sense of unwarranted mystic to a group that claims to be a "resistance movement" while in really it is nothing more than a militia that has formed a state within the Lebanese state in order to promote the interests and the agenda of the regime in Tehran.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation


  1. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Hezbollah is a reference to a verse in the Koran. What's up with them having the same flag as the Iranian Revolutionary Guard btw?

  2. Teapot11:41 AM

    In the last few weeks I started to think this blog died. And then u come back strong.

    I agree we should not use hizb_Allah since it works on the weak minded. We should not adopt names just because they call themselves that.

    This is like when Israelis use the names "Kassam" "Katyusha" "Haibar" instead of calling them what they are MISSILES.

    or "The democratic republic of Egypt"

    hizb_Iran it is.

  3. Corrector11:42 AM

    What a useless post.
    Tab fine, they are using a stupid name and they have a stupid flag. And we all know about Iran, duh.

    Look at Future, what a name for a party headed by backward people.

    And look at your name, Debate, there is not once where you actually debated anything rather than unanimously scribbled down statements which you believe to be the wholesome truth.

  4. Teapot you are right. And since we are not adopting names in order to please certain parties and people, we should not really call the State of Israel a State but rather an apartheid regime.

  5. lover3:31 PM

    What in God's name ;) does this have to do with a coup plot? I've been trying to follow your 'series' but won't any longer because you're obviously out of things to say!!!

  6. Teapot6:46 PM

    So, Wissam Chamseddine, its like one step forward two steps back wit u?

    By "apartheid regime" I think ur confusing the situation in Lebanon. How the Shia in the south is treated vs the Sunni and Christians in the north?

    Israel gave the Palestinians autonomy, are u gonna give the Shia an autonomy? or will u keep ignoring them?

  7. bowel pressure6:52 PM

    Haha, autonomy, what a joke! Gaza is locked by land, sea, and air. They are not allowed to go to their jobs and if they try to build factories there they get blown up.

  8. Arabic Coffee Pot6:56 PM

    It is an aparthied regime because Arab Israelis are treated like second class citizens.

    Just check out this link:
    No Sirens in Arabic - Ynetnews

  9. Mr Lover bombastic, I understand that you might seem a bit lost. But if you think carefully for 2 mins you will understand the direct relationship between my postings and the planned coup plot. The hizbiran lead coup cannot have a remote chance of success without some non-shiaa elements to give it a Lebanese dressing. Therefore, concerning Aoun, his Israeli past makes his contribution to a hizb_Iran led Coup d’Etat hollow, because when the light was cast on this past his appeal inside the community that supports Hizb_Iran was severely downgraded. In addition, focusing on the collaboration and the master-slave relationship that links hizbiran and Iran makes the very foundations of the coup (accusing the Lebanese government of treason and collaboration) weak, ridiculous, and completely hypocritical.

  10. Teapot7:23 PM

    "bowel" and "Coffee "
    1. By jobs u mean going inside Israel... to bomb babies in restaurants.

    2. By factories u mean rocket factories.

    3. Sirens? there's one "siren" at 5am and one siren at 5pm in every Arab village Mosque. Oh, and, uh, arabs don't watch all those arabic news channels like Al Jazeera broadcasting the war???
    Even Nasralla told Arabs to escape (kinda sounds like what happened in 48)

    4. Lastly, why doesn't the DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF EGYT allow Palestinians to come to work in factories in Egypt? Or Jordan? Cant Arabs supply jobs to their brothers?
    What pity for ya :-(

  11. Arabic Coffee Pot7:51 PM

    "1. By jobs u mean going inside Israel... to bomb babies in restaurants.

    2. By factories u mean rocket factories."

    Typical closed-minded extremist dribble.

  12. Teapot9:15 PM

    I asked u a question:
    why doesn't EGYT allow Palestinians to come to work in factories in EGYT?

    Better yet, they can build factories in Gaza or just next to the border (there is no blockade of the Egypt-Gaza border) WHY NOT?

    I would really like to know what arabs think of this. I'm not closed minded.

  13. Arabic Coffee Pot9:45 PM

    Egypt has been pushing for fifty years to have easier border crossing regulations between it and Gaza, but until recently, Israel controlled the Rafah border crossing. Even to this day it maintains a blockade on it as it claims that it lets terrorists through etc...etc...

    So that should answer that question. But your whole mentality on this question is wrong. Gaza is packed with Palestinian refugees evicted from their homes in the 1948, 1967 wars. These people would like nothing better than to go back to their villages to live and work, they don't want to move to Egypt, Egypt isn't their home, Palestine is! And Palestine isn't the small strip of land by the sea (Gaza) or a mozaic of parched earth and arabic villages criss-crossed by Israeli barriers, checkpoints and settlements (Westbank). Its also some of the land that you're living on now.

    In Lebanon, people from all faiths are allowed to live wherever they want. You can't say the same about Israel!

  14. Arabic Coffee Pot9:50 PM

    And let me get ahead of you a little and say, yes Palestinians and most Israelis are from the same country, they're genetic cousins, its the immigrant Jews who are not of the land...brought here by the great dream of Zionism.

    Well Zionism is an extremist interpretation of the Torah and the Jewish religious teachings, just like Al-Qaeda is an extremist interpretation of Islam. Its the exact same thing.

  15. Teapot10:15 PM

    Arabic Coffee,
    A MILLION Jewish refugees from ARAB countries were kicked out in the 50's. Most came to Israel. I don't see refugee camps in Israel.

    The reason u cant answer why Arab states like Jordan and Egypt do not allow Palestinians to have jobs is because u know the AWFAWL TRUTH about Arabs:
    Arab are extremely cruel to other Arabs.

    "In Lebanon, people from all faiths are allowed to live wherever they want."
    Are u reading the posts on this blog? "allowed to live"? are ya kiddin me? "allowed" is the operative word.

  16. Mr Teapot, for your information, Arab Jews were never kicked out of Arab countries. Some left by their own willing, most where coxed by the newly established zionist entity, while many others were victims of terrorist operations that where designed by the Mosad in order to force them to go to Palestine. Just look at what the Mosad did in Iraq, Yemen, and Egypt in 1950s.

  17. Teapot12:40 PM

    Still my question goes unanswered:
    Why doesn't EGYT allow Palestinians to come to work in factories in EGYT?

    Even when they came to work in Israel, or the Erez compounded, they went thru security checks. Why cant they go work in Egypt or Jordan?

    Maybe u think Arabs in Gaza and WB must LEECH off the Jews for work?

    Cant Arabs buy products from Gaza?
    (there are no Israeli soldiers in Rafa)
    The Jews that left Gaza left Greenhouses and fields intact, why don't the Arabs use them? (actually they are used... as terrorist camps)

    Here it is from the horse's mouth:,7340,L-3296410,00.html

  18. Teapot1:29 PM

    Please don't use the false propaganda, here is some history for ya:


    In a key address before the Political Committee of the U.N. General Assembly on November 14, 1947, just five days before that body voted on the partition plan for Palestine, Heykal Pasha, an Egyptian delegate, made the following key statement in connection with that plan:

    The United Nations . . . should not lose sight of the fact that the proposed solution might endanger a million Jews living in the Moslem countries. Partition of Palestine might create in those countries an anti-Semitism even more difficult to root out than the anti-Semitism which the Allies were trying to eradicate in Germany. . . If the United Nations decides to partition Palestine, it might be responsible for the massacre of a large number of Jews.

    Heykal Pasha then elaborated on his threat:

    A million Jews live in peace in Egypt [and other Muslim countries] and enjoy all rights of citizenship. They have no desire to emigrate to Palestine. However, if a Jewish State were established, nobody could prevent disorders. Riots would break out in Palestine, would spread through all the Arab states and might lead to a war between two races.

    ...Heykal Pasha had publicly and very formally announced a program to expel Jews from Arab countries...

    More here

    Kinda reminds of the threats Nasralla make in Lebanon (toward the Lebanese).

    I guess being able to read Arabic does not mean u know Arab history.
    Amir Peretz was born in Moroco, maybe they should have kept him?

  19. Ok yes Teapot.
    The only person lacking the will to harbor progressive thoughts is yourself.
    As long you fail to see the shortcomings of your own government then it is pointless to debate with you.
    Lebanon is far from perfect, far, far from it. But at least some of its citizens, such as ourselves are willing to criticize the wrong doings committed by the government and its political parties, of course most recently Hizballah.

    Either way to clarify a point you made. The Shia in the South are indeed marginalized but in no way are they treated in ways that humiliate them by the Lebanese government, as Israel treats the Palestinians or to a lesser degree the Israeli Arabs.

    As for the Palestinans, if you are so bent on treating them as kings and queens why don't you go to Olmert and convince him of running a few refugee camps with a capacity for a half a million people? While you're at it you might as well give them their land back.

    We never asked for those people, and we would love nothing more than to be able to send them home.

    It is up to you, Israelis, to find them a suitable home.

  20. Teapot7:17 PM

    "progressive thoughts" is to realize that 1 million Jewish refugees from ARAB COUNTRIES were settled in Israel. Therefor Israel and the Arabs are EVEN.

    Arabs OCUPY ALMOST ALL THE MIDDLE East and NORTH AFRICA.(As u know Arabs are from ARABIA not from AFRICA)But only a strip of beach called Israel would satisfy the Arabs?

    You are missing the big picture:
    Jordan and Egypt refuse to let palestinians work on their land in the same way Syria controls Lebanon and suffocate it when it wishes.

    HizIran is not a Jewish problem in the same way the Arab refugees are NOT A JEWISH PROBLEM.

    When the Arab states decide to go to war in 1948 and in 1967 THAT IS AN ARAB PROBLEM AND RESPONSIBILTY.
    When Arabs miscalculate (like, uh... i dunno, recently) THAT is the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE ARABS.

    Oh, and Wissam, Israel did ran those camps. And if u ask Palestinians they will tell u, they rather have the ISRAELIS running them again. (I'm against reoccupying the Palestinians).

  21. You're making progress Mr. Teapot; it's good to read you implicitly admitting that the creation of the state of Israel was done at the expenses of the local Palestinians. Population shifts, and forced demographic changes.

    “Therefor Israel and the Arabs are EVEN.”

    For God’s sake stop using religious arguments each time you lose the debate.

    “…not a Jewish problem in the same way the Arab refugees are NOT A JEWISH PROBLEM.”

    You confuse religion, culture, and identity. Judaism is a religion, while being Arab is a belonging to a certain culture and language. For example, you say this person is an Arab Jew, Arab Christian, or Arab Muslim…etc…

    Palestine is home for Arab Semites (regardless of their religion), Palestine is not a strip of beach, and Palestine is dear to its people.
    Eastern Europe is the home of Eastern European colonizers, those who came between the 2 world wars to colonize Palestine by force, the creators of the Zionist apartheid.
    If European Jews want to be the near east, no one stopped them, read some history, Jewish populations found the refuge here from persecutions in Europe for more than 1000 years. (Refer to my previous post: why?) But in the 20th century they came here as colonizers, with the help of the European powers of the time who wanted to get rid of the Jewish presence in Europe. Why did they expect then? People to give them the keys of their homes and leave?

    You want to believe and make all the others believe that the core of the problem is with the Jewish faith, but it’s not. Sorry to disappoint you, the problem is with the Zionist project. How come the South Africans managed to solve the issue peacefully, while we failed? This is the question we should be asking and debating, how come we are in the 21st century and we still have an openly colonial project?

    I am against any form of fascism or any platform that calls for the elimination of the other. This is why I urge you to read the comments you get with an open mind, and not with an existential threatening attitude.

  22. Teapot10:22 PM

    It is you who confuse religion, culture, and identity.
    The Jews are a nation (also the first nation in western history to define itself as a nation).
    I meant to say, it is not a problem of the Jews as a NATION. I made no reference to religion.

    As Arabic Coffee Pot said above: Israelis and Palis "they're genetic cousins".

    BTW, u can be a Canadian-Arab, so what's ur point?

    Jordanian radio in 1948 told Palis to lock their homes and run because the Jews are killing women and raping Arab men. That was a big lie. The Palis still hold the key. The responsibility is on the Arabs that rejected the Jewish state.

    Israel has moral superiority over all the Arab states.

    One more point, Imagine Syria bringing a millions of Syrians into Lebanon. Would it not be death to ur country?

    If Gazans have a problem with the size of their land, there's always the Sinai desert next to it (which is 3 TIMES larger than Israel).


    There's a "Veronica Mars" re-run I must watch, so TTYL.

  23. For all the time that Teapot spends on this blog its hard for me to believe that he isn't a blogger himself. The question then presents itself, where is your blog Teapot? Why do you hide your identity? I mean you must have a profile somewhere, why not make it public?

    And if you don't have a profile or are not a blogger yourself then why don't you tell us about yourself: How old are you? Where do you live? What do you do? That kind of stuff...

  24. Teapot1:59 PM

    Hi Jade,
    Actually I don't spend a lot of time on blogs. I work with the Internet, so I check from time to time.

    I am a white male between the ages of 25-35, Jewish, Israeli (Zionist), I live in the missile range of Hizb_Iran. I live next to several Arab villages (which is pretty much the entire north of Israel). I am secular, and I did not vote for Olmert nor Peretz, but I think there's no one to replace them.

    I believe the most important thing to Israel is security. My opinions are shaped by security, not religion, race, honor or justice. I believe in unilateral withdrawals. I believe in borders fences, walls, not the crappy kind that makes it easy to abduct soldiers. I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. I believe in land compromises, the ones where dictatorships need to compromise. I believe, for a long time, that the IDF soldiers should not come in contact with Arab population and fight stupid Guerilla wars (like the one they had in south Lebanon for 18 years). I believe Sun Tzu. I believe in a military commander that comes from the air force. And I believe Jews and Arabs can some day vacation in Sharem el-shiekh with no fear.

    I don't have a blog or profile. Maybe in the future.
    Now, all I know about u is that ur 24 and live in Canada with Kronos.

  25. Thats not true, this blog - along with my new one - contains tons of information about my views.

  26. Teapot9:46 PM

    I didn't mean your views, I meant to say the location of the rest of the guys who contribute to this blog.

    Congrats on the new blog. Going at it alone, eh?

    (the Canadian eh)


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