Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Debunking the Coup Plot, Part I: A Tea Party from the Past

Hello, I was surfing the net and I saw this picture, actually it did not shock me because I knew already the story of this ex-general, but I am a bit surprised by the clarity of his "yellow" smile :)

So here it goes, ex-general Michel Aoun recently came on TV to condemn the interior minister of Lebanon Ahmad Fatfat, falsely accusing him of mishandling the incident of the marjayoun tea party and its subsequent investigation. Claiming that, even if 10 years had passed, the investigation remains ongoing from a judicial point of view...

However, during his angry and loud TV intervention, he forgot to condemn the following behavior that you see in this picture depicting him smiling, while his fellow comrades are shaking hands with the Israeli general who supervised the siege of Beirut during the long summer of 1982. A siege and a campaign that resulted in the death of 25000 innocent Lebanese civilians over a period of 4 months (25 times the number of casualties of the current war).

Now, one may point out to similar pictures depicting other Lebanese politicians from the war era engaged in similar "tea partying" behavior... etc...I think the same critique applies to them too, but as the Lebanese popular saying goes: "yalleh bayto min izez, ma birchou2 ghayro bil hajar..." Meaning that if you want to accuse others of misdeeds, look at yourself and check first if those accusations don’t apply to you as well... you be the judge.

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  1. What?3:44 PM

    Relating the text of your post to its title...and your previous post...what does Aoun smiling and chilling with the Israelis have to do with his alleged attempt at a coup supported by the Syrians?

  2. Hola Debate,
    This picture must be put in context:In 1982, Lebanon was in Civil War, and Aoun came to power under the Israeli "appointed" president Ameen Gemyel.

  3. Anonymous5:04 PM

    The photo above is of a handshake between a Lebanese officer ( not Abu jamra) and an Israeli officer. It was at the handover of Lebanese official buildings to the Lebanese army.

    Al Mustaqbal is your source of news??

    So obvious your one of those who believe that Lebanese history began on the 14th Feb 2005, or a believer in the 31st March group.

  4. What?6:00 PM

    Who says Ameen Gemayel was Israeli appointed? After teh 1982 invasion Basheer Gemayel became president (not Ameen) and although he was allied to Israel, he refused to sign peace with them right off the bat. Had the Syrians left him alive he probably would have negotiated a settlement with both the Israelis and the Syrians...but they didn't and the rest is history.

    Basically, you're all just making ridiculous accusations you can't even back up.

  5. No the source is the book of Stavro Jabra, you look it up yourself

  6. Mr what? this post is related to my previous one because opening the files of Aoun makes him completely discredited among the base of HA that plans to use him in their attacks against the government. Actually, the idea of the plot starts by accusing the government that it's in colaboration with Israel. In this regard , this picture makes aoun useless in that plot!

  7. What?6:14 PM

    I see. But as anonymous illustrated in his comment, if the story is only carried by a biased newspaper like mustaqbal then the accusation is just thrown aside as been propaganda.

  8. Mr What? now tell me this is not aoun, tell me it's Gozilla from outer space...
    Plus look at the glasses of abu jamra, those remarkable fumed glasses...
    It's okay I understand you are shocked, take a glass of water and look at the pic again.


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