Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Breaking News: Assassination Attempt Rocks Lebanon

Naharnet (and others) reported today the attempted assassination of a top Internal Security intelligence officer, heavily involved in the investigation surrounding the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

While the officer in question, Lt. Col. Samir Shehade, escaped with only minor injuries, a number of his aides were killed in the attack.

The attack took place near the city of Sidon and consisted of a roadside bomb being detonated as the officer's convoy passed. Security officials admitted that the officer had received numerous death threats related to his work on the Hariri case. According to statements made by Interior Minister Ahmad Fatfat, the death of the body guards and aides in the first 'decoy' vehicle indicated that they had been expecting some sort of attack and had taken the necessary security measures.

Shehade was also involved in the arrest of four pro-Syrian Lebanese generals last August, among them his former boss, former Internal Security cheif, Brig. Gen. Ali Hajj.


  1. Anonymous6:12 PM

    The ugly Syrian monster rears its head once again!

  2. This shows the level of desperation that the Syrian regime reached. After they failed to topple the government on May 10 under the disguise of labor movement, after they failed to destroy the Lebanese state on July 12 when they provoked the Zionist aggression on Lebanon, after their sinister coup plot was uncovered to the public, here they are again. Killers and terrorists roaming the streets and hunting down Lebanese officials, tools and traitors in the hands of the Syrian secret services.

  3. March 14 liars6:50 PM

    Everyone's so quick to blame the Syrians! Look at the who destroyed Lebanon for 30 years...its Israel you fools, they are the ones using this country and the fools who run it! Jumblatt=Zionist collaborator #1

  4. thanks for re-iterating the HA/Syrian/tayyar position "march 14 liars", this blog is going to need your input in the coming weeks.


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