Friday, September 01, 2006

Aid and Destruction in Numbers

Here are a bunch of numbers and figures concerning the war in Lebanon and Resolution 1701. The BBCNews website was my primary source, but also used some supplemental articles from other news sites.

Military Aid to UNIFIL

· Italy: 3000 troops (also includes air, naval assets)
· France: 2000 troops
· Bangladesh: 2000 troops (2 battalions)
· Spain: 1000 troops (1 mechanized battalion)
· Germany: 1000 maritime troops (plus several surveillance warships)
· Indonesia: 1000 troops (1 battalion + engineering company)
· Malaysia: 1000 troops (1 battalion)
· Poland: 500 troops
· Belgium: 400 troops
· Finland: 250 troops
· Norway 100 soldiers
· Greece: Frigate, Helicopter, Special Forces (also, landing craft and support staff)
· Denmark: 2 warships (at least)
· Nepal: 1 battalion

Financial Aid to Lebanon

· Qatar: $ 300 million
· US: $ 234 million
· Arab Fund: $ 112 million
· Saudi Arabia: $ 60 million
· EU: $ 54 million
· UAE: $ 50 million
· Italy: $ 38 million
· Spain: $ 34 million
· Canada: $ 28 million
· Sweden: $ 20 million
· Netherlands: $ 7.7 million
· Belgium: $ 7 million
· Japan: $ 5 million

Here is an estimate of the impact of the crisis on Lebanon and Israel up to 14 August, 2006 (unless otherwise stated).

116 soldiers (Israeli Defence Force)
43 civilians (Israeli police)

Total: 1,109 (Lebanese government)
28 Lebanese soldiers (not in conflict with Israelis) (Agence France Presse, 6 August)
Hezbollah - there are no reliable figures Israeli military estimate more than 530 Hezbollah and fellow Shia militant group Amal say 55 fighters have been killed (Agence France Presse, 5 August)

Serious - 32
Moderate - 44
Light - 614
Treated for shock - 1,985 (Israeli police)

3,697 (Lebanese government)

500,000 approx (50% of population in the north of Israel) (Human Rights Watch)

915,762 (approx 25% of Lebanese population) (Lebanese government)

More than 300 buildings, including houses and factories. (Israeli police)

15,000 houses/apartments
900 factories, markets, farms and other commercial buildings
32 airports, ports, water- and sewage-treatment plants, dams and electrical plants
25 fuel stations
78 bridges
630km of roads (Lebanese government)
Environment - It is estimated that the initial clean up of a huge oil spill caused by the Israeli bombing of a power plant will cost $64m (£34m) (UN)

3,699 Hezbollah rockets have landed in Israel (Israeli police)

7,000 air strike targets hit (Israeli military)

70% of businesses closed in northern Israel (Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce)
Tourism - expected to reach NIS 1bn ($230m) (Governor, Bank of Israel)
Total cost of war (includes military spending and lost GDP) - up to NIS 23bn ($4.8bn) (Israeli Ministry of Finance, Haaretz newspaper 13 August)
Direct and indirect damage - NIS 5 billion (US$1.1bn) (Israeli Ministry of Finance, Haaretz newspaper 13 August)

Repairs to buildings and infrastructure and rebuilding expected to reach $4bn (Lebanese government)
Tourism - Lebanon's tourist industry has been decimated. Tourist is estimated to earn Lebanon $2.5bn (£1.3bn) (Lebanese government)



  1. What about the other aid figures? the $500M from Saudi Arabia, and the $300M from Koweit in the early stages of the War?

  2. Yeah, the Canadian aid package came before the Stockholm conference. If you can send me a resource (in english) about other contributions then please go ahead and I'll put it up. Thanks

  3. Here's an article by the Baltimore sun about the aid to Lebanon. It says Lebanon received about 940 Million dollars from the Stockholm conference. Here's the link:,0,1660531.story?coll=bal-nationworld-headlines

  4. Thanks Ib, but the donations from the conference are already covered in the post. I was asking for resources on the non-conference donations (e.g. those mentioned by Debate)

  5. Yesterday, the Lebanese Finance minister Jihad Azour declared that total aid to date has reached a figure of around $2bn...

  6. The problem with Israeli peace makers is that they have no vision. I say send Bar Refaeli (google her for pics) to Nasrallah and Assad for one night. I can guarantee they’ll be talking differently about Israel the next morning. Let Nasrallah pay for the limo. Let Assad pay for dinner. Let Israeli tax payers pay for Bar’s mental health care in the next 5 years. Every super model and miss universe say their goal is world peace. I say, go girls. You’ll bring the peace, I’ll bring the wine bottle and condoms.

  7. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Haha! Now you're talking John!! Lebanon would of course reciprocate by sending Haifa Wehbe, our ambassador of peace.


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