Wednesday, August 30, 2006



Why all this hate against the people of the near east? The aggression started with the Zionist movement in the 20th century, and then people reacted and became more radicalized as injustices increased. In Europe, Jewish communities were treated with savagery for so long (pogroms, ghettos, holocaust, segregation…), at the same time many decided to leave Europe and add ranks to the existing communities in the north Africa and the near east. The communities were in protection and thriving in coexistence from more than a 1000 years in societies in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Andalusia, Morocco, Anatolia, Persia...

Why all this blind hate now against Arabs, I find it misdirected. The majority of the Arab peoples want a minimal sense of justice in Palestine. All the radicalization you see is a reaction to the huge injustice committed in Palestine. The area called Palestine prior to the British occupation in 1918 was not a desert. It was a full with people, it was a thriving society, it was one of the most modern and rich Arab societies at the time, this society was completely destroyed by the Zionist project, a project based a set of myths based itself on a set of religious beliefs rather than on accurate historical facts about the ancient Israelites.

A solution?

Our Area (Long term)
I think the best thing for humanity, and to put an end to radicalization, is a peaceful solution like what happened in South Africa in 1994. End the apartheid and the whole near east will belong to you to live and thrive. In the meanwhile, I reckon that anger will persist....

Lebanon (Short term)
We in Lebanon have had enough, and we ask the state of Israel to [leave us alone] (this is what I meant by the hell with your gov..., but some don't understand spoken english) and leave us alone. At the same time and with the same determination, we are asking that HA (the armed wing), Iran and Syria’s regime to [leave us alone] too.

I find Positive neutrality to be the best thing for Lebanon as we have been used and abused by hypocrites who only want to fight Israel in our country or get a seat on the table with Uncle Sam. If this happens, we are more than happy to be withdrawn from the regional equation. Don’t bother us and we don’t bother you.


  1. An Angry Arab8:56 AM

    You sure are a confused soul aren't you.

    Why does the world hate Arabs? Did you ever ask the question why is it that the world does not have a bad image of say the Chinese, the Indian, the Brazilian or the Russian but the world has developed this image of the angry and even irrational Moslem? Do you think we have anything to do in creating this image and perpetuating it. The suicide bomber? planes blown up in the desert? tourist ships hijacked on the open seas? cutting peoples throat on national TV?world wide violent demonstrations over a cartoon? issuing a death sentence against a major intellectual because he dared question the faith? ....

  2. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Positive neutrality is in fact the only option for Lebanon I think.

    Its amazing how such a small country can hold so many big heads:
    -Leadership of World Maronite Community
    -Largest Druze population in the world
    -Home to only Arab military/paramilitary group to have ever defeated the Isrealis

    ...and so much more!

    With so many used to leading we hope they can put the interests of the country first and keep us out of trouble!

  3. Mr Angry Arab, I am not so sure you are angry or Arab...


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