Saturday, August 19, 2006

Video of Marjayoun Tea Party

Below is the link to the CNN video report showing the footage of Israeli and Lebanese officers sharing a cup of tea in the Lebanese Internal Security Forces barracks in the town of Marjayoun.

According to accounts on the ground, following the airing of the video by Israeli Channel 2, and then by Hizballah's Al Manar Television Station, the General in question was put under house arrest pending further investigation. There were attempted interventions on his behalf by the displaced residents of the town who claimed that the General had helped them obtain food, water, and medical supplies throughout the hostilities and up until the invasion and forced evacuation of the town.
Despite allowing a convoy of close to 1,000 vehicles to leave the town - under UNIFIL and Lebanese Army supervision - the Israelis still bombed it causing the death of seven people, a number of them officers under the General's command. The Israelis later claimed they were not aware of the any authorization being given for the convoy to proceed, I think this video proves that the IDF was fully aware of all movements in and out of the town and were fully in control of the situation. Those people in the convoy were killed in cold the countless other Lebanese civilians and Army soldiers throughout this conflict.


  1. Teapot2:49 PM

    I think this video proves that the IDF was fully aware of the fact that the Lebanese Army does not worth shit.

    Also, "the General in question" is alive, this proves no one intended to kill him.

  2. Arab hypocracy!3:08 PM

    You and Brent Sadler missed the point of this "Video of Marjayoun Tea Party". The point is that the Lebanese cant desicde which side they are on. The Lebanese government told its army not to participate in the fighting. When this General surrenders to Israeli army as ordered by your PM you arrest him.
    Arab hypocracy!

  3. Anonymous4:14 PM

    teapot: learn to speak/write in english before talking about things you know nothing 'bout u just don't say anything at all!!

  4. I think you're the one that's missed the point! It isn't that there was any confusion about whether to surrender or not, its that the general went beyond the call of duty in having tea with the enemy (while that enemy was commiting war crimes on Lebanese soil to boot!). In times of war there are codes of conduct and rules of engagement, in cases of surrender, the general hands over control of the base and then is taken into custody (under procedures inline with geneva convention rules) or is allowed to leave the base under a neutral escort - as was the case here, the neutral escort being UNIFIL. The general is not supposed to kick the sh!t with the enemy over a cup of tea. Theres nothing hypocrital about that.

  5. Everyone is asked to keep the discussion clean, civilized, and constructive. Any comments otherwise will be trashed.


  6. Teapot5:51 PM

    My English was fine, sorry about cursing, I meant to say "worth Shiite". I agree with "Arab hypocrisy" If they were committing war crimes they would kill the General and not videotape it. Remember this is an Israeli video.
    Or maybe there's a huge conspiracy and the General is a Mossad agent.
    Please "Anonymous" don't shut people up.

  7. Anonymous3:32 AM

    This video proves that the Israelis are willing to sit down and talk and your comments prove that the biggest obstacle to peace is Muslim chauvinism.


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