Friday, August 25, 2006

Video: Hizballah the Charity

This WashingtonPost video (9 mins) documents the aid effort conducted on the ground by Hizballah while the war was underway. It illustrates the preparedness and efficiency of the group in handling the situation and highlights the strong support its main constituency continues to give it.
What I appreciated about this video is that it clearly showed how the group cleverly maneuvers itself into a position in which it is the sole provider to its constituents. It is a clear illustration of both the hand that deprives and the hand that provides - something that I have talked about in previous posts.
More concretely, witness how the residents of Dahyeh complained that the were no NGOs (either domestic or international) that entered the worst affected areas of Dahyeh and that Hizballah was the only charity operating there, however, a casual acquaintance of the area is all you need to figure out that it is Hizballah that keeps all non-residents out (even in times of peace and even government officials) as the area is considered their 'security quarter'. Also witness the scene in the supermarket garage in which an American NGO is handing out food and water supplies and yet it is Hizballah that takes credit for the operation.
Watch the video and make up your own minds...
...then let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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  1. upset4:29 PM

    The STATE within the STATE - This is already Al Jumhouriyya al Hizballahiya al Loubnaniyya and not anymore AL JOUMHOURIYYA AL LOUBNANIYYA. So where is all the talk of Seniora to extend the authority of the State on all the Lebanese territory?????


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