Friday, August 25, 2006

U.S. State Dept. to Investigate Israeli use of Cluster Munitions

The NYTimes have just reported that the U.S. State Dept is to investigate reports that the IDF used cluster munitions against civilian targets and in populated areas in contradiction of an agreement signed between the U.S., which manufactures and supplies these munitions, and Israel. According to the article:
"In addition to investigating use of the weapons in southern Lebanon, the State Department has held up a shipment of M-26 artillery rockets, a cluster weapon, that Israel sought during the conflict, [the] officials said."
The NYTimes initially broke the story on that shipment (and we posted it) approximately a week before the end of the war. Although the actual agreement restricting the use of the munitions is classified, its existence is widely acknowledged.
This is not the first time the State Dept. takes action of this sort against Israel, according to the NYTimes:
"A Congressional investigation after Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon found that Israel had used the weapons against civilian areas in violation of the agreements. In response, the Reagan administration imposed a six-year ban on further sales of cluster weapons to Israel…the decision to impose what amounted to a indefinite moratorium was made under pressure from Congress, which conducted a long investigation of the issue. Israel and the United States reaffirmed restrictions on the use of cluster munitions in 1988, and the Reagan administration lifted the moratorium."
Howerver, analysts widely expect the current inquiry to lead to a far less aggressive response.


  1. I hope that something positive comes out of this. I skeptical when it comes to such issues since I would not expect the U.S to permanantly not ship such weapons to Israel. History will probably repeat itself. ALso, is it against the Geneva convention to use such weapons on civilian locations?

    IDF, where is the purity of arms that you so humbly talk about and the surgical precision bombing. You cowards!!!!

  2. upset8:02 PM

    Ya Kronos, think a little bit: 7000 airstrikes sorties with 1200 civilian/army personnel dead. That means a ration of less than 0.2 civilian per sortie.... WOW either Israel Air Force is a joke or they did a very good job with "surgical precision bombing" and of course with some collateral damage. So please repeating stupidly the same Hezbollah PR remarks...

  3. Upset, if you actually read the news carefully, then you will learn that these statistics that you talk about are meanigless since civilians were targeted DELIBERATELY by the IDF and IAF. Check out the post by the fellow called Debate which covers the current Amnesty Internationl report on the conflict. No stat you post will hide the misery of the deliberatley targeted civilians of Lebanon. It is all over the news.

    First, for common knowledge purposes,I am not a Hizballa sympathizer. You claim that the remarks I posted are actually Hizballa PR. Well this just shows how much you know of the history of the conflict between lebanon and Israel. Sharon, Shamir, Begin, and many others spewed these very words way before Hizballa even existed: "Surgical precision bombing" and "Purity of Arms".
    Well u know what, their is no purity in killing civilians deliberately and speaking of stats that attempt to conceal the truth, is even more abohorring.


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