Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Theory

On the day of the abduction of the two Israeli soldiers from Northern Israel I heard a theory. It stated that the events that had just transpired, events which had led to 'seemingly spontaneous' scenes of celebration in the streets of Dahieh, were undertaken without the knowledge of Hassan Nasrallah, by a faction within Hizballah completely loyal to the Iranian regime - and not to Nasrallah himself.

The promoter of the theory energetically attempted to explain to me the impossibility of the notion that the honorable Sayyed himself could have sat at the shenanigan proceedings known as the National Dialogue and lied to the faces of the other sectarian leaders gathered around him. The promoter outlined how badly Nasrallah's credibility had been hurt. Had he not promised the other members of the government that he would limit his party's resistance activities to the Shebaa farms and that there would be no military activities undertaken throughout the summer touristic months? Had he not promised the other leaders gathered around him at the National Dialogue that he would work - in good faith - towards a resolution of the issue of his group's weapons? And had he not promised to attend the next round of National Dailogue to take place a fortnight from the day of the attacks?
How then could this man have done all those things - lied! right to the faces of the lebanese people and those who represented them at the dialogue - when he knew all along that such an operation was imminent. How?

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