Thursday, August 10, 2006

Scary déjà vu

This statement, by an Israeli (Ha’aretz) journalist, Ari Shavit, was reprinted in New York Times on May 27 1996, when Bill Clinton raised no protest as the Israelis drove 400,000 innocent Lebanese out of their homes that year in “retaliation” for rockets launched into Israel (wounding one Israeli) by a faction over whom those 400,000 had no control:

” We believe with absolute certitude that now, with the White House and Senate in our hands along with the Pentagon and the New York Times, the lives [of Arabs] do not count as much as our own. Their blood does not count as much as our blood. We believe with absolute certitude that now, when we have AIPAC [the Israel lobby] and [Edgar] Bronfman and the Anti-Defamation League, , we truly have the right to tell 400, 000 people that in eight hours they must flee from their homes. And that we have the right to rain bombs on their villages and towns and populated areas. That we have the right to kill without any guilt.”


  1. This is racism in its ultimate form!

  2. Unfortunately, I was not able to locate the original article, since it dates back from 1996. (if anyone gets a hold of it, please let me know). But I think what Mr. Shavit was demonstrating was the mindframe in which the Israeli government operates. This was intended (I think) as a critique of that government, and not as his personal views.

    But, alas, they are frighteningly accurate...


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