Friday, August 11, 2006

A Roundtable Discussion on Lebanon & the Middle East

The WashingtonPost has a segment titled PostGlobal in which a panel of experts and career international journalists attempt to answer questions related to contemporary international issues.

I've posted the links to all the articles and responses posted by panel members to the question of:

How will post-war Lebanon change the political dynamics in the Middle East?

Defeating Hezbollah Gives Lebanon a Second Chance

Hezbollah's Coup d'Etat

Syria Holds the Key to Peace

Lebanon May Mirror Malaysia

Hezbollah Wont Seek Total Control

Lebanon, A New Stronghold for Iran

Hezbollah, Syria and Iran Will Emerge Stronger

Religious Politics Rising

Hezbollah: the Mideast Vietcong

Israel Cannot Isolate Itself

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  1. Wow...if this is what people from around the world have to say then...then...I think I'm going to be sick!


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