Thursday, August 24, 2006

Reconstruction Efforts

The war is over. Well, at least the part of the war where many lives are lost and 10-story building are being brought down by tons of explosives.

During the war, we all have heard the government pledge to rebuild homes and help the people who have lost it all to get their lives back together. We have seen Sinora and Berri tour the Dahye area and vowing to put back up all those buildings. My understanding is that considerable cash flow has already come into the country, cash which can back up those words of compassion uttered by our leaders.

Dear Lebanese Government,
What are you waiting for? Will the process only start after the money has been transferred through Jumblatt's Fund of the Displaced so that he can take his juicy share of the money? Or is the money held up somewhere else in the government due to red tape or other corrupt politicians? Maybe, after all, the money is only meant for state infrastructure and is not meant to help rebuild the private lives of the people.

Now is the time to compete with Hizballah. Hizballah, who is handing out $12'000 to people whose homes have been destroyed. The concept of a strong state amongst the Shiites, or for that matter any other community in Lebanon will not prevail if the government is being outperformed by Hizballah.

Can we blame the people for taking money from Hizballah? Can we blame them for inviting Hizballah engineers to their homes in order to assess the damage?

Of course the answer is that we cannot blame anyone for accepting such generous amounts of money and high quality services from anyone in such a time of need. Again, the state has failed and Hizballah has succeeded in entrenching their already massive support of the Shiites (and others) in Lebanon.


  1. Leb for Lebanon not Iran11:58 PM

    We can't blame the people for taking the money. But we shouldn't blame the government for being 'slow'.

    Hizballah doesn't have to deal with the issues of bureaucracy and red tape like the government. Iran transfers them money without a trace and they spend it. The gov't can't print up money like that, they have a currency and a budget to worry about. They've already pledged between $6,000 and $13,000 to families affected by the war.

    The bottomline is we shouldn't even be in this position, Hizballah started this war, they shouldn't even be allowed to exist after it.

  2. The problem is that red tape and corruption continue to exist in Lebanon, no matter how dire the circumstances.
    If Iran can transfer money to Hizballah as you say (although a lot of the cash comes from supporters in Africa and Europe as well) the Lebanese government should jump the red tape in this situation and move fast. Pledges by the Lebanese government don't mean much if you look back in recent history...


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