Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ralph Nader on Lebanon

Below are links to two open letters U.S. Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader wrote to U.S. President George W. Bush concerning the war in Lebanon. The first letter was written at the onset of the war (July 17th) while the second - more scathing - letter was written approximately one week after the fragile UN ceasefire was put in place (August 22nd). In the letters Mr. Nader outlines a wide variety of arguments against the policy Mr. Bush has pursued in the Middle East, especially noteworty are the points he makes about the legitimacy and legality of some of those actions and policies. Both letters - and the first one especially - are very interesting reads and aren't really as long as they look!
Born to parents of Lebanese descent, Mr. Nader has dedicated his life to consumer advocacy. He is America's leading 'customer crusader' and has taken on countless corporations (e.g. GM, Beoing, Citigroup, etc..) in the pursuit of safe products and equitable policies.


  1. Teapot2:23 PM

    You forgot to mention that Nader is also a loon. He does not criticize Hezbollah.
    How Arabs treat other Arabs:

  2. Nader is critizing what he sees wrong with U.S. policy which already lists Hizballah as a terrorist organisation. The fact that he does not criticize that listing can be taken to mean implicit approval - not the opposite. So you're wrong in saying he doesn't criticize them.

    If you were even mildly familiar with the man's work I'm sure you wouldn't say that. Whether u know it or not, his actions have probably saved your life on countless occassions.

  3. Teapot7:19 PM

    Yes, Jade, Nader knows more than anyone about seat belts. But it is sad that most Arab Americans do not criticize their own countries of origin and do not help democratize these countries, yet they can freely criticize Jews.
    Many in the west look at Arabs as "retarded" and therefor cannot be held responsible for their actions. Thus only Israel is to blame.

  4. "Yes, Jade, Nader knows more than anyone about seat belts. But it is sad that most Arab Americans do not criticize their own countries of origin and do not help democratize these countries, yet they can freely criticize Jews."

    Hehe alright moving away from Nader for a moment I feel like I have to talk about this Arab American issue.

    The problem I find is one of severity. In Lebanon there have been huge movements towards strengthening moderate political movements and persons and much of the support for these moderates comes from ex-pat Lebanese. These ex-pats continue to support moves towards democratization but have, of course, turned their attention this past month to the unrelenting and unneccessarily violent and detructive Israeli attack. So its not that they're not supporting democratization, its that right now they're incensed at the war and destruction.

    And by the way, I think the criticism that all arabs are crazy jew-bashers is absolutely false. Its like saying all americans are crazy arab-bashers. Even extremist groups like Hizballah have courted anti-zionist jewish rabbis (they gave them a security detail and escorted them around the country on a guided tour last year).

    By the way, I recommend you look up the zogby vs dershowitz video debate in our archives...or follow this link...gives interesting perspectives from both israeli and leb americans:


  5. Teapot11:04 PM

    1. You actually prove my point again. I have seen Zogby many times, he is an apologist for Arab terror. I have seen Edward Said throw stones at IDF soldiers across the Lebanese border after the IDF pullout. Nader and other "courageous" Arab Americans use their fame to attack the only Jewish state. I hear nothing about Arab regimes. They only appear on TV either to apologize about terror or blame Israel.
    I don't know what regular ex-pats do. But the people u put up front are hurting u.

    2. The "anti-Zionist Jewish rabbis" and Hezbollah tour is not an example of coexistence, Since these "rabbis" want Israel destroyed. And u probably know better than i do that Hezbollah will try to find recognition wherever it can find it.

    3. "Just to remember" (as Arafat used to say) Muhammed Amin al-Husseini met Hitler. Did that really help the Pals?
    "With friends like these..."

  6. Well its a shame you couldn't watch this video because really Zogby totally represents the views of most Arab Americans, and specifically most moderate Lebanese. He says that he condemns the killing of civilians on both sides of the border and that Hizballah shouldn't have abducted those two soldiers. He also expressed his wish that the Lebanese security forces be the only armed presence in the country.

    He did however acknowledge the reasons for Hizballah's creation and continued existence - that of the Israeli Occupation. If you acknowledge a fact (even one that some people don't like) it doesn't make you an apologist.

    Most people in Lebanon want Hizballah to give up its guns, but they also want Israel to be fair, measured, civilized in its dealings with Lebanon - something it has never done.

    Anyway, it seems to be that your opinions are pretty entrenched. The point of all this is to help each other see the other side of the argument and I hope this site has helped to that effect.

    Nader and Zogby are really the most well-articulated and 'westernized' Lebanese people you'll ever meet. Actually its kind of wrong to call Nader Lebanese (and I didn't in my original post) because the man was born and grew up in the States.

    PS - A majority of Lebanese people dislike Arafat and consider him and a number of his top brass to be criminals. However, we agree with the Palestinians' demands for a VIABLE state with a return of Palestinian refugees to their homes and with Jerusalem as its capital (I think the whole world agrees the Israelis and the Palestinians can share the city as their capital...possibly under UN Mandate).

  7. Mr teapot you are a first class ignorant. You think that being anti-zionist is the same thing as being anti-jewish.

    PS: please refrain from using the term IDF as it has no meaning for an army that was founded on the idea of attacking the local rightful inhabitants of Palestine and the Near-East. Actually this army was derived from eastern european zionist terrorist groups and militias who terrorized Palestinian (muslims, christians and jews (4% of the pop in 1900)) out of their homeland, and then merged to create the Israeli Warmonger Forces. For your info 84 massacres were committed in 1947/48 against Palestinian by the IWF


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