Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Primer to Hizballah Posts

Before publishing these posts I'd like to say that it has been incredibly difficult for myself and countless others of Lebanon's newest generations to witness the destruction and atrocities perpetrated on our country by the Israeli government in its latest campaign. Despite the title of this post, and those that will follow it, I remain convinced that there can be no justification whatsoever for the brutality and barbarianism of this assault, and I am sure that when the dust settles those most hurt by these actions will be pursuers of peace on either side of the border.
The dismantling of Hizballah is a complicated affair. Hizballah itself is a multilayered organization that bases its very existence on its ability to shroud a vast majority of its activities from the public eye while maintaining an intimite and powerful presence among its supporters in the activites it conducts in the open. Domestically Hizballah is a charitable organisation, a political party, an armed resistance force, and an islamic movement; on a regional level they provide training to other armed groups in the region ( e.g. muqtada sadr's boys and hamas) and act as liberators vowing to liberate Al Kudz and free Palesitinian prisoners from Israeli jails; and finally on the international level they are smugglers of money, diamonds, weapons, drugs, and people.

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