Monday, August 28, 2006

Poetry Lebanon Resurrection

Resurrection: After the Strike, the Lebanese People Are Immerging from Nothing!

The chaos:

Goats of unconscious… Since I am living a vegetable life; do I need food for thoughts? The matter called soil to nourish my soul and enlighten my vision, very affirmative?!… Do we need a multidimensional spline where each step is a new challenge…But I am still banded in a bath of petroleum where I crashed and still catching fire? The driver is still vulnerable… The thin line between love and hate, the snowball of struggle… Toast a rope.

The Sorter:

Grow and learn, until an epoch, the weak capacity of darkness will injure almost all the drivers and the injury; the area of difference with no home… at an unaffordable price…the collision will be unavoidable, with double fatality… Where are your enemies? The friends of the anxious trauma the “what will be tomorrow”, the area of coma… where never is a big land of shining power… Waiting for the tidal wave, the last word of chance.
How is the string called family? Reliquary!
Tillage, prepare a system, a pair of no hesitation, and a rusty forget. Who are you? Hyper-mediocrity… Pave the way… This is a fight against cold…


  1. Attractor, I'm sorry but I can't make the imagery work for me. I presume, however, that this work is an illustration of your state of mind: you are trying to sort out the chaos produced by the collision of cultures, technology, social obligations, and your own emotions.

    I cannot grasp at what you mean when you finish with, "This is a fight against cold..."

  2. Anonymous11:04 PM

    I have no idea what the heck you're talking about...

    ...please respond to the comments and enlighten us


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