Friday, August 18, 2006

Pictures: Southern Suburbs of Beirut

These pictures were taken by a friend of mine the day after the end of the fighting. Him and another friend drove down to the bombed out southern suburbs of Beirut and, despite the terrible of stench of rotting garbage and flesh, managed to take the following pictures:

The specific area in the pictures above is known as Hadath and was the site of a terrible tragedy after an Israeli jet fired rockets into a residential building completely destroying it and causing the deaths of 41 civilians. No leaflets were dropped on this neighborhood urging the residents to flee before the strike.

My friends were not allowed to enter some areas of the southern suburbs, namely Dahyieh and Hara, as those areas were declared to be a 'security zone' by armed Hizballah members. It is the area in which the Israelis believed the Hizballah bunkers to be.

Note: The yellow symbol on the back of the shirt of the man in the foreground is in the shape of the emblem of Syrian Socialist National Party, a party whose sole purpose is to bring Syrian rule to Lebanon and whose members make an important intelligence source for the Syrian regime.

According to Hizballah sources, as reported on Naharnet, the security zone was established in order to prevent looting, and as can be seen in the following picture residents were allowed to enter the area:

The sources also pointed out that they had begun clean up, and rubble removal operations in the affected areas as witnessed by some of the cleared streets in the above pictures. According to another friend, the yellow tape put up by Hizballah apparently has written on it: Divine Victory.

And finally, I couldn't believe it when I first saw it in a picture I received in an email but these pictures below prove it:

Only one or two days after the declaration of the ceasefire, these massive commercial posters riddled the entrances to the Hizballah controlled areas. The poster in the second picture literally translates into "Victory from God" and is a play of words on Hizballah leader Nasrallah's name which itself means God's Victory.


  1. If this is victory I wonder what defeat would look like!!!

  2. Battal Agha7:57 PM

    A thought - How long would it take to prepare these massive commercial posters? How long would it take to stash millions of dollars in cash for the pay-out? It seems to me that Zibballah was prepared IN ADVANCE (a) for the beating ==> hence the posters ready and (b) for the refugees, hence the dollars ready... WHAT A JOKE THESE GUYS - All this eas nothing but a POLITICAL COUP......

  3. You guys are asking the right questions...

  4. Diana1:24 AM

    I agree with all of you.. However I only have one comment for Battal Agha. You said "Zibballah"... no matter what and even if you are against Nasrallah and Hizballah. still the name of God (allah) is attached to it. so at least respect the name of God.

    Thank you,

    and Jade, You're doing a great job :) I have to read your blog daily just like i read the newspapers.


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