Friday, August 11, 2006

Lebanon's Weaknesses Prevail while under Fire

When the U.S was attacked by Al Qaida, American's everywhere stood together at first in order to show compassion for the dead and tried to stretch out a helping hand wherever they could. When Israel attacked Lebanon this July, Jews all over the world embraced this cause, no matter how unjust it actually is. In time of crises those nations stand united. That's what differentiates a strong nation from a weak one.

While Lebanon is under attack now, an attack that has been proven to be not only against Hizballah but an all out attack on our sovereign nation and every Lebanese citizen, we still stand divided.
A million Lebanese citizens are displaced, malnourished and traumatized by the loss of their homes and loved ones. Many are still at risk of being bombed at any given time and place. A fair amount of private Lebanese citizens are trying to help those refugees by supplying them with food, water and milk.
But a sizeable amount of Lebanese are sitting at home in regions of Lebanon not being affected by this war, not caring about what's going on with their fellow citizens and on top of that going up to Brummanna and Faraya in order to throw wild parties.
This attack is not only against Hizballah. This attack is not only against the Shi'ites. This attack is on all of Lebanon. And history has shown that Israel has no respect, no value for any non-Jewish life. Any Lebanese life in their eyes is worth nothing.
For those who cry out that they have nothing to do with Hizballah, nothing to do with this war and just want to go about their normal lives I say:
"Most of us have nothing to do with Hizballah, most of us want to live in peace with Israel, but now is not the time to debate and point fingers of blame. Now is the time to stand by your fellow Lebanese in face of this aggression.
For Israel does not care if you do not support Hizballah. Israel does not care if you want peace with it. Israel right now has an excuse to make life for every Lebanese a living hell and that's also what they have accomplished until now. Many Lebanese are asking themselves why the world does not care about them. Well we should start by asking why some Lebanese do not care about Lebanon simply because their community is not being directly targeted.
Fellow Lebanese, it does not matter if your community has not been directly targeted, for our nation has been targeted. All of us have been targeted. All of our lives have been rudely interrupted, no matter where our community is located. The infrastructure of our nation, a nation which belongs to all of us, has been destroyed. The nation's economy, which affects all of us, is in shambles. It does not matter whether you agree or disagree with Hizballah, for now is not the time to debate but to show compassion with the ones suffering.
Fellow Lebanese, Let us stand united, not for Hizballah's sake, but let us stand defiantly against Israel."

Let us deal with the external aggression first, let the dust settle and then we will have enough time to settle our differences internally.


  1. I had to laugh when I saw the 'Concert' was in Montreal. There have been photos published of the last demonstration- nothing more than a anti jewish hatefest!

    You say the attack by Israel was unjust.

    That is absurd.

    Has it ever occurred to you that the Israelis might be tired of hearing, ITBACH AL YAHUD! ITBACH AL YAHUD! for over sixty years?

    I'll let you in a secret- ITBACH AL YAHUD is not an aceptable moral or political ideology.

    When Nasrallah declared that Jews coming to Israel is a 'good thing we won't have to round them up' he effectively condemned Lebanon to it's fate. They refused to get rid of him and now they must pay the price.

    It's about choices.

    The Lebanese chose to turn a blind eye to Hizbollah's racism, bigotry and hate.

    That Hizbollah has socila services and schools is irrelevant- it is the equivalent of the KKK having social services and schools.

    Do you believe Hizbollah teaches tolerance and peace in those schools, in addition to Nazi salutes and ITBACH AL YAHUD?

    The fact remains, had the allies bombed Berlin in 1933- and killed 3 or 4 million Germans, 50 MILLION would have lived.

    The west will not make that mistake again- certainly Israel won't.

    By the way, I am not Jewish- in fact, I'm not even a religious Christian.

    That is reason enough for the ummah to think carefully the path it is choosing for itself.

    As a Syrian friend once remarked, "The real naqbah has been audio and video tape. We can no longer hide who we are from the world- or from ourselves."

    Think about it.

  2. dude, I had a real laugh when I read your comment...
    For one, you (the jewish people)insist on labeling anything that attacks Israel an anti-semite, jew hater, and in the case of anti-zionist jews, self-hating jews (wow!). Has it ever occured to you that such a reaction may be interpreted as radical? Is there room in your brain to comprehend the principle of criticism? Debate prehaps? To my knowledge, Israel has always acted unilaterally with all its bordering neighbours, having the advantage of readliy available US-made weapons...

  3. Dude, I'm not Jewish. If you read my blog, you'd know that.

    That you presume so, speaks much more about you than it does about me.

    Second, dude, what comes out of the Arab world- and what I always quote- are what Arabs themselves say. Like man, the horses mouth, you know?

    Thirdly dude, the reality is that the threat to israel has always been existential. The Arabs have always made that clear, dude.

    Try again, dude.

    I can only hope the author of this blog gets, shall we say, more erudite readers.

  4. you seem to be incapable of conducting any form of intelligent conversation. You will therefore be cleansed from this blog.

    ...and no, I won't read your filth.


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