Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lantos Blocks US Aid to Lebaon

Here's a very interesting article demonstrating how biased and deceitful the US Government can be.

As the top ranking Democrat on the U.S. House of Representatives' International Relations Committee, Tom Lantos said on Sunday August 27th at Israel’s Foreign ministry, where he met Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni after talks with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, that he was putting a legislative hold on Bush's proposal to provide $230 million in aid for Lebanon.

The reason given for this block:

"The international community must use all our available means to stiffen Lebanon's spine and to convince the government of Lebanon to have the new UNIFIL troops on the Syrian border in adequate numbers"
Lantos also declared:

"It is very much my hope that I will be able to lift the hold when the reasons will no longer be present. ... My purpose is not to withhold aid from Lebanon, my purpose ... is to persuade the government of Lebanon that the closing of the Lebanon-Syria border to arms smuggling from Iran and Syria is in the prime national interest of Lebanon and the Lebanese people."
His sickening final words:

"Lebanon will get help from both Europe, the Arab world and the United States. Unless the United States provides some aid to Israel, Israel receives no aid"

You can draw your own conclusions.

Source Article: Key US legislator says will block aid to Lebanon


  1. Teapot10:34 PM

    Why is it "sickening" ?
    He is right, who is going to aid Israel? France? Saudi? Only the US is.

    Tom Lantos is a holocaust survivor. He knows evil when he sees it.

  2. This is bullshit talk, he only wants to get money of AIPAC for his reelection in November. He cannot block the aid plan because it's not in the interest of the Bush Administration who currently controls the Senate and the House. Blocking the aid will only help HA and Iran...


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