Monday, August 28, 2006

Israel suspected of using experimental weapons against Lebanese civilians

It has come to my attention that there are numerous reports from sources like Reuters, Expatica News,, indicating that some of the weapons used by Israel during the latest Israeli-Lebanese conflict were in fact new and experimental:

In the image on the right, as reported in the Miami Independent Media Center, we can see an artillery shell, with its FMU penetrator, can also be used to carry chemical weapons, the use of which is also being reported from southern Lebanon.

“New and strange symptoms are reported amongst the wounded and the dead.

Bodies with dead tissues and no apparent wounds; 'shrunken' corpses; civilians with heavy damage to lower limbs that require amputation, which is nevertheless followed by unstoppable necrosis and death; descriptions of extensive internal wounds with no trace of shrapnel, corpses blackened but not burnt, and others heavily wounded that did not bleed.”

We can reason following the above descriptions that the new arsenal used may actually include 'direct energy' weapons, and chemical and/or biological agents, in a sort of macabre experimentation of future warfare.

Bachir Cham, a Belgian-Lebanese doctor at the Southern Medical Centre in Sidon, received eight bodies after an Israeli air raid on nearby Rmeili which he said exhibited wounds such as the ones described above.

Samples were taken from the bodies in order to verify the cause of death.

He believes it is a chemical.

Dr Cham made a statement saying:

"the bodies of some victims were black as shoes, so they are definitely using chemical weapons. They are all black but their hair and skin is intact so they are not really burnt. It is something else.

If you burnt someone with petrol their hair would burn and their skin would burn down to the bone. The Israelis are 100 per cent using chemical weapons."

Chemical weapon drawing from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons



  1. Teapot3:07 PM

    This post about chemical weapons seems to be false. Lets be logical:
    1. Israel has every weapon it wants.
    2. Using such bio/chem weapons would only make it look bad.
    3. Since Israel is a democracy, any gov that will do such a thing will undoubtedly fall. (Sharon lost his job as minister of defence in the 80's after Christian Arabs massacred Palis).

    Only dictatorships would use chem/bio weapons. My thinking is that after hearing about Chemical Ali and Saddam's deeds u want to say that the Israelis are as bad.
    But they are not.

  2. Teapot, I sincerely hope that you are right. I hope that the IDF didn't use chemicals or any kind of experimental weapon on the Lebanese. In this post, I am reporting on existing articles describing something that I found truly disturbing. I guess we'll have to wait and see... Then again, we will probably never know...

  3. Teapot3:18 PM

    We do know:
    German TV investigated it (it includes subtitles):

  4. Interesting video, no doubt. Very interesting that the bodies were cremated without an autopsy too. I have only one question... why? I would think that if I had these bodies, which I suspect of being killed by an unknown agent, I would guard them carefully... but that's just me.

  5. Teapot5:30 PM

    The bodies were not cremated. They were burried by the hospital in Sidon. The bodies are in Lebnon (if that was not clear). If u are in Lebanon u can go to this hospital and talk to Dr. Cham. If there was any chem/bio weapon proof he would hand them to a UN or EU investigation and not burry them. But Dr. Cham is a fruad.

    GW says "fool me once, uh, fool me can't get fooled again"

  6. I do not speak german, and I misread 'burried' for 'burned'... it was pretty late and I was tired... my mistake. But I still find it strange that no autopsies were made... I guess that ultimately more studies are needed to confirm the german findings that it was smoke that caused the blacking of the corpses.

  7. Anonymous12:30 PM

    The "chemical weapons" are just white phosphorus dust bombs, at least the burning part.

    I'm interested in the part about necrosis. That sounds like gangrene weapons. Gangrene has been used on shrapnel weapons ever since WW2.


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