Monday, August 14, 2006

Highlights of Nasrallah's August 14th Interview on Al Manar

Interview broadcast at 20:38 hrs local time in Beirut.

  • Lebanon's strength lies in its resistance and national unity
  • Lebanon's army and the Multinational Force cannot protect Lebanon
  • We are ready for dialogue, as we have been in the past
  • The coming days will reveal the true losses in the enemy's ranks
  • I advise everyone to turn away from intimidation
  • There are some in Lebanon there are prepared to go beyond what the Americans and the Israelis are calling for
  • There are some politicians that need to recognize that they are dealing with victors
  • We have come out of the battle with our heads raised high
  • I urge everyone to turn away from some politicians' uncomprimising language
  • The amount of damage inflicted by the enemy is the greatest its ever been in all of Israel's wars against Lebanon
  • We will guarantee financial assistance to every family and we will help provide them with the necessary housing
  • Preliminary findings indicate the destruction of 15,000 housing units across Lebanon
  • I call on all Lebanese to volunteer and help in the reconstruction of all that was destroyed
  • The dialogues had been ongoing before the declaration of 1701 and will continue until the last cabinet meeting
  • This victory has been a strategic one for Lebanon and the "Ummah"

This summary was translated from a summary provided on the official website for the FPM political party in Lebanon. Absent in this summary was a statement made by Nasrallah to the effect that Hizballah was willing to discuss the disarmament of the group at the proper time - but that this was not that time - as reported on the CBC Newsworld television station.


  1. On the point of reconstruction I stick to what I said in my Dismantling of Hizballah posts (part 2 specifically) about the need for the government to intervene and take control of the matter.

    I'de also like draw people's attention to the need and feasability of realignment - again as I advocate in my Dismantling Hizballah posts (parts 3 and 4) - as can be illustrated in the following article.

    There are other things to say about that statement, but I think the most important thing to be done is to deploy the Lebanese Army to the South under a clear mandate. Following the withdrawl of the invading forces we can commence talks that will lead - without compromise - to the disarmament of the group.

  2. If it's within their power the Lebanese people should rise up and rid their country of this miserable group. If Hezbollah is not disarmed Lebanon will end up suffering another round of attacks because it will again attack Israel and Israel will have to defend itself.

  3. At this juncture, the most critical aspect of reconstruction is to have Israel compensate for it since they had destroyed it, especially if they are true in their claims that they did not delibrately destroy it.

  4. You cannot trust Nasrallah he is a seasoned liar. He promised not to cause problems on the national round table, yet a few days after he launched a war without notice. This shows he cares about no one in Lebanon he and his party leaders fled to Syria or went into caves and bunkers while the civilians where left without notice and no shelters to die like flies.
    PS: this televised address was done from the Iranian embassy in damascus, as of now the new headquaters of hizballah.


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