Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Give Me My Space

I would like to tackle to essencial issue so as not to fall pray to the propaganda bullshit machine of the demagogue talk (bla bla bla bla...) like the language of hassoun's defenders.

A few days ago there was a discussion in the government among some ministers and they brought up the issue of weaponry in the hand of militiamen. Yet, hizbo made a big deal of out it, and the motherfuckers in the propaganda machine started their work culminating with the speech of the Arnab (or the Assad if you like) yesterday. I strongly believe that the leb people have every right to criticize hizbo and ask it to lay down arms and and put an end the militia rule and the state within the state, because it caused us ruin. As a matter of fact there can only be one, and in the choice between the militia and the state, we choose the state.

Concerning rebuilding efforts, the speech of hassoun about it has 2 connotations. First, admitting guilt, second, a fear to lose popularity at the base level. So as they already tried to do during the crisis, hizbo will deny access to those people by any one, be it the state or NGOs. The state funds will be disbursed within a culture of entiltement, where partisans will be encouraged to take and spit on the giving hand. All of this is the strategy to maintain the state within the state logic.

This war was imposed on all of Lebanon and yet now we are supposed to be carefully with our choice of words??? No way.

Now coming to the silly talk stating that this war was prepared in advance, I reckon that it has no meaning whatsoever, and I'll explain why. First, one cannot expect any state in the world with a hostile militia on its borders not to have contigency plans, especially a warmonger state like Israel. As a matter of planning they always make plans even for remote senarios, and even in the days of peace. So this is a constant in their policy and nothing new. Plus since 2000, the build up and bigheaded talk coming from hizbo put this militia under the Israeli microscope and it formed a natural call for Israel to attack it at a future point (This would not have been the case if the government sent the Army to the south and dismantled the militia). Second, even if it was prepared, hizbo gave them a big big big excuse, a freeby that led the whole world (except the Arab one and some Muslim nations), to have one message: "Israel has the right to defend itself". Third, if they knew the aggression was imminent, then they committed a serious crime because they didn't prepare the civilians for war and didn't warn the innocents who were crushed like flies on the roads in absence of shelters and bunkers, while the leadership of hizbo left to Damascus or went underground into caves and bunkers and left their supporters+Lebanese populace to face hell and fire.

So please, for God's sake spare me silly arguments and give me my open space to put my finger where it hurts.


  1. Anonymous7:01 PM

    So whats the solution?

  2. the solution is no more militias in Lebanon! dahhh


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