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Blinded by Biggotry

Here's the text of a conversation I tried to have with another blogger (Dr. Anonymous). I haven't put up the original text it was based on because it doesn't really matter. This just goes to show you that no matter how hard you try, you just can't talk to some people who have been blinded by biggotry and who apply a demented and hypocritical viewpoint to everything they encounter. In this case, Dr. Anonymous sees no contradiction in denouncing summary condemnations of Jews while at the same time maintaining that " is not only the people of Lebanon that are not moral equals the Israelis, but the entire Arab world as well, are no where near equals." Wrap your heads around that if you can. For me it was easy, this person was a racist and a biggot no better than the Nazi Germans he was all too happy reference in his dialogues.
The text below has not been edited except for the deletion of references to other sites and articles. I did this in order to maintain the anonymity of the other author.

1. Blacksmith Jade August 11th, 2006 at 3:28 pm
You know, Hizballah really is winning the war, but not because of the idiotic reasons highlighted in the quoted text in your post.

They’re winning the war because despite 1 month of relentless IAF strikes and IDF incursions, despite the destruction of the infrastructure of an entire country, despite the murder of countless children and civilians, the Israeli government and armed forces have nothing to show for it. Hizballah still lobbs 200 rockets a day at Israel’s north, they still have the two captured prisoners, and because of the viciousness and indiscrimminate nature of Israel’s response they have solidified their place as a legitimate deterrent Israeli actions in Lebanon.

Please don’t think that I’m being arrogant or gloating. As a matter of fact, I’m don’t think a victory for Hizballah would be beneficial for my country (Lebanon). For the past year (and more) we the Lebanese have been working towards a disarmament of the group in a way that wouldn’t tear the country apart from the inside out. When the IDF soldiers were abducted, Lebanese government officials up to the Prime Minister himself condemned the act and were immediately maneuvering towards a final disarmament of the group (and subsequent return of the soldiers) in a peaceful manner. What the IDF did was set back the possibility of Hizballah being disarmed through a national consensus by attacking the very people that were working towards that disarmament.

The Lebanese and the Israelis could have used this crisis to work together towards a better future, instead the IDF has hijacked your nation’s longterm stability just as Hizballah has hijacked ours.

I hope you can see this. I have written extensively in the past week about this state of affairs and am looking to write more on my blog. I also hope you can correctly identify elements in both our societies which are fervently working against peace as being extremists, and reach out to the more moderate among us.

2. Dr. Anonymous August 11th, 2006 at 3:33 pm
Those remarks were sarcastic and meant to be read that way, I believe.

While I concur that Hizbollah’s lobbing rockets into Israel certainly does not indicate a Hizbollah loss, Israel’s incursion into Lebanon will serve as an important lesson to Nasrallah.

When this is all over, If Nasrallah ries to attack Israel again, he undertands now what Lebanon will face.

In the end, it won’t just be the Israelis that will be looking to kill Nasrallah. The Lebanese may very well do the job themselves.

3. Blacksmith Jade August 11th, 2006 at 4:41 pm
Why would you think the remarks were meant to be sarcastic?

Do you really think the IDF has managed to secure any military victories in this war?

If the IDF manages to kill 5 Hizballah fighters while at the same time killing a family of 12 haven’t they just ensured that those 5 fighters will be replaced 10 others?

Hizballah doesn’t care if the IDF destroys a moderate, non-Islamic Lebanon, it will just make it easier for them to impose an extremist, fundamentalist regime in its place.

That is the issue that you don’t seem to understand. This war, all these wars, are not between Arabs and Israelis, they are a war waged by exteremists on either side of the divide against moderates who seek to live in peace.

I’ve posted an entire 4 part series on my site about how to dismantle HIzballah peacefully, effectively. They can’t be defeated militarily, no guerrilla army can. There has to be a political solution if both our nations want to live in peace.

4. Dr. Anonymous August 11th, 2006 at 5:00 pm
The Egyptian writer was commenting on the absurdity of Hizbollah claims.

The IDF has failed to destroy Hizbollah, to date. They have weakened Hizbollah, but in fact, Hizbollah is still standing. Had the Israelis done what the French did in Belgrade (10,000 dead in air bombings of Belgrade, about 30,000 overall) then yes, they would have destroyed Hizbollah.

Now, you say, “That is the issue that you don’t seem to understand. This war, all these wars, are not between Arabs and Israelis, they are a war waged by exteremists on either side of the divide against moderates who seek to live in peace.”

I wish that were true, but it is not. I have been to Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and the Guld states- as well as Israel. They are not equals, morally or otherwise.

The level of everyday anti semitism that is taught in schools, reinforced in media and preached from the pulpit is astonishing.

Evey day Arabs are not like every day Israelis. Now, don’t get me wrong- the Arabs I visited were kind, hospitable and caring, to be sure. When it came to israel- adn Jews- they just short circuited. I do not balme them for that, because that hate is what they are force fed, everyday, to the exclusion of real education. According to UN reports on progress, the Arab world is just about at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to eduaction. Why? Because that serves the needs of the smorgasbord of the most corrupt and dysfunctional leaders in the world.

5. Blacksmith Jade August 11th, 2006 at 5:38 pm
I can’t carry on a discussion with you if your starting premise is that people in Israel and people in Lebanon aren’t equal.

I’m Lebanese, if you want I’m Arab, I’m trying to have a direct, mature discussion with you about Israel and I’m not short-circuiting.

Arabs are semites, like Jews, so unless they’re self-hating, they can’t be anti-semitic.

I’ve personally tried to see the other side of the picture, I’ve put the images of death and destruction in my country aside and tried to understand what is going on in Israel because I know that we can’t wish our neighbours away and hope for the best, we must learn to live in peace with each other. It is a lesson that we the Christians in Lebanon have learned through the wars that have been imposed on us by all our neighbors who still want to use us and our country as a proxy for their own, arrogant causes. It is a lesson all the Israelis will have to learn. It is a lesson their supporters in the US will have to learn.

You can’t bomb a people out of existence.

6. Dr. Anonymous August 11th, 2006 at 5:59 pm
Let me be clear- it is not only the people of Lebanon that are not moral equals the Israelis, but the entire Arab world as well, are no where near equals.

These are ideas clearly stated by Fouaid Ajami: He said of the Passover Massacre, “The suicide bomber of the Passover massacre did not descend from the sky; he walked straightout of the culture of incitement let loose on the land, a menace hovering over Israel, a great Palestinian and Arab refusal to let that country be, to cede it a place among the nations, he partook of the culture all around him – the glee that greets those brutal deeds of terror, the cult that rises around the martyrs and their families.”

Do you consider the Israelis and Arabs morally equal? By what standard of measurement?
What do you say about governments that teach and promise that they will ‘Finish the job Hitler started?”

What do you say about the fact that in the Palestinian elections, there were 25 candidates who referred to themselves as ‘abu Hitler,’ a derivative thereof?

WHat do you say about government controlled media that routinely broadcasts some of the most vile anto Jewish material in the world?

What do you say about an entire culture and society where Mein Kampf is a perennial best seller?

Do you really believe those countries are the moral equivalent of Israel or any other civilized regime?

I could go on and on, as you must realize by now. In fact, I suspect you, more than I, know of the dysfunction that has rendered a once great nation into a class of professional victims that will not commit to fixing their world- because being a victim and buying into hate is much easier than actually building something.

Societies, cultures and religions are measured by what they build for their adherents- not for what they destroy- and that applied to Muslims as well. The Golden Era wasn’t known for what ot destroyed.

You sadly- and deliberately mislead, if you presume my comments to be anti Arab- My comments are directed at current Arab society and culture, both of which have been relegated to insignificance, because of the tyranny and oppresion that are a now part of the Arab world- and astonishingly, supported.

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    if there is anything worse than hitler and the nazis, it's that person!


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